The new MFW -15 Subwoofer from AV123

The MFW-15 subwoofer, from, is destined to be THE new reference in performance, value and furniture quality build for an unbelievable price. It is certain to please both music and home theater listeners.

AV123 MFW -15 Subwoofer

The MFW -15 subwoofer is part of the next generation of subwoofers from The new line is positioned to be the very best value this leading loudspeaker manufacturer/direct seller has ever offered. The 'trickle down' of technology has enabled AV123 to provide gorgeous HAND FINISHED custom cabinets, high quality custom amplifiers and custom drive units at an incredibly low factory direct cost to consumers.

The ~110 pound MFW -15 subwoofer, starting at $599 each, was designed from the ground up by AV123's Mark Schifter and renowned subwoofer guru Mark Seaton. The MFW -15 features a 25mm front baffle and plenty of bracing along with a custom designed 15" driver, 350 watt high efficiency design amplifier with separate control panel for Level, Phase and Low Pass Frequency at the top back of the cabinet and an internally folded slot port. The subwoofer is offered in beautiful Rosewood, Cherry, Black and our unique Moho.

MFW -15

So how does it perform? You can expect 15 -17Hz low end extension in most rooms and output of 103dB at 20Hz (1M measurement) and greater than 115dB above 35Hz (1M). It's not all about room shaking though the MFW -15 is very smooth and tight; great for the music lover or home theater enthusiast.

All MFW -15's are wrapped in a real wood veneer (via renewable resource) or beautifully finished in a silky -smooth satin black. The hand finished MFW -15 subwoofer is right at home with fine furniture, and looks far more expensive than its price would suggest. You get all this starting at only $599 for one or $1099 for two in Satin Black. The first units are shipping now.


• System: Single driver, folded, slot port with front termination
• Drivers: 15" custom woofer
• Amplifier: Custom 350 watt high efficiency design.
• Control: Easy -access top panel with gain, variable phase and crossover
• Input: High and low level in and out plus LFE in (crossover defeat).
• Frequency Response: 18 -200Hz; 15 -17Hz in room low end. Greater than 115dB output above 35Hz and 103dB max output at 20Hz at one meter.
• Dimensions: (H x D x W): 23.94" x 22.44" x 18.125"
• Weight: ship weight = 125 lbs each
• Price: $599 each in Satin Black. $699 each in real wood finishes. Dual sub special pricing available.
• 3 Year Warranty
• For more information, please visit

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