Gefen TV, a New Line of Solutions for "Prosumers," Delivers Plug and Play Methods of Enhancing HDTV

Designed to enable easy methods of supplementing HDTV systems in order to enhance performance, Gefen introduces a new line of solutions called, Gefen TV.

The Gefen TV line is packaged in consumer -friendly enclosures offering simple, add -on solutions that extend, split, distribute, convert, scale and adapt HDTV signals.

Gefen TV Switcher

This solution enables direct connections between up to four HDTV sources and one HDTV display. Users can switch access between their satellite television programs, HD movie players, game systems and digital video recorders using the IR remote or the auto -switch feature. The Gefen TV Switcher supports HD resolutions to 1080p and, is fully HDCP and HDMI v1.3 compliance with features such as deep color, XV color space, lip sync, Dolby Tru -HD and DTS master audio.

Gefen TV Splitter

A streamlined distribution solution, this unit splits one HDTV source signal and delivers it to four HDTV displays or projectors at the same time. It works with all HDMI sources including disc players, game systems and digital video recorders, and all HDMI displays. With support for both HDMI v1.3 and HDCP -compliance, the Gefen TV Splitter offers features such as deep color, XV color space, lip sync, Dolby Tru -HD and DTS master audio.

Gefen TV HD Personal Video Recorder

This multi -functional unit enables the connection of different video formats with separate audio including two component video and two HDMI inputs. When all four sources are connected, the HD PVR enables source switching, giving access to one of four always -connected sources from one HDTV display connected through the HDMI output. Audio is embedded in the HDMI format and delivered in both TOSlink and S/PDIF formats for optional audio connections. Regardless of the source, all video is output in the HDMI format supporting HD resolutions, which may be scaled from 480i to 1080i. Users can easily record and playback video, audio files, images, photographs and more using the 80GB hard drive or the removable SD card flash drive for the ultimate in HDTV portability.

Gefen TV SD Personal Video Recorder

The model supports the standard definition video formats of component and composite/s -video sources. It works with camcorders, televisions systems, cameras, VCRs and more, downloading all recorded content onto a removable USB storage device. The intuitive on -screen menu guides users through the options of recording and playing back movies, programs, audio files and photographs. Users can then view their audio and video programs on any computer or system that supports USB.

Gefen TV Scaler Pro

Using a sophisticate chipset enabling HQV (Hollywood Quality Video), this new Scaler is designed to enable the finest video refinements for high definition video available today. It supports all video sources using HDMI and outputs HDMI video in all high definition resolutions that may be scaled up to 1080p. It supports next generation HDMI v1.3 formats and offers value -added features like audio delay, lip sync, film cadence detection and adaptive noise reduction for the most pristine visuals possible.

Gefen TV Signal Generator

Enables real -time testing of video displays and projectors connected through the HDMI format (or DVI if used with an adapter). Nearly 40 video testing patterns including HDCP verification, audio testing signals, a sine -wave formation and 35 timing settings are accessible through the unit's display menu. These features enable a complete evaluation and calibration of HDTV systems, offering an easy method of locating where problems lie so they may be eliminated. Advanced users can download a Windows -based application for extra timing and programming controls, including reading/writing of EDID and favorite timing modes for the auto scroll feature.

Gefen TV Audio Adapters

Two versions of adapters are available: a digital to analog and an analog to digital. The Digital to Analog Adapter converts digital audio signals to analog left/right in order to create enhanced sound environments with plug and play ease. The unit supports both S/PDIF and TOSlink digital audio formats, converting either one to standard left and right audio supporting a direct link to speakers or any device equipped with RCA -style jacks. The Analog to Digital Adapter works in reverse, allowing any left/right analog audio
input to be output in S/PDIF or TOSlink format, enabling an easy method of linking different audio formats.

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