Richard Gray's Power Company (RGPC) is proud to announce the promotion of Rick Komendera to President.


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New Orleans, LA - January 25, 2008 - Richard Gray's Power Company (RGPC) is proud to announce the promotion of Rick Komendera to President. Komendera, who joined RGPC in 2003, will take over for RGPC Co -Founder Dick McCarthy, who will continue an active advisory role as CEO, with Komendera handling day -to -day operations.

"I look at how much power management has grown since RGPC pioneered the category and it really validates what our company has been saying for so many years," said Komendera. "We have an unbelievable group of dealers who provide all the support we need and I'm looking forward to the challenges of this new leadership role at RGPC."

RGPC has been manufacturing power management solutions since 1998, when inspired audiophiles McCarthy and Richard Gray tinkered with various ways to improve the sound of their music systems. The term "power management" barely existed at this time, and RGPC was one of the first companies to deliver products designed specifically for high -performance A/V equipment. After securing Patents on their Parallel Power Delivery system, a grassroots effort ensued, resulting in more than 500 independent retailers spread throughout 40 countries.

"It's been a remarkable ride for me with RGPC, and I'm proud of the advances RGPC and the industry have made in the power management category while under our enthusiastic leadership. In nearly 10 years as president, we've remained strong, focused and innovative despite overcoming dramatic market changes," said McCarthy. "With the power management category poised to accelerate its growth, it's time for me to step back, relax and think 'big picture' -and I can think of no better person than Rick Komendera, who has been a huge asset to our organization since he arrived, to do more of the heavy lifting for RGPC going forward."

Over the past year, RGPC has expanded its product line to include sub -$200 accessories such as the RGPC TV Guard for coax surge protection and the RGPC Eliminator, another coax device that fixes annoying ground loops. On the ultra -high -end, RGPC recently launched the $29,500 RGPC PowerVault, a whole -house device offering UPS/surge protection, patented parallel delivery and long duration back -up power to an entire installation.

RGPC's parallel technology captures and restores instantaneously high -current -on -demand, working cycle -to -cycle to satisfy power hungry equipment while rejecting power spikes and smaller surges that lead to premature failure of sensitive electronics. RGPC products are proudly manufactured in the U.S.A. and are sold solely through their network of professional audio/video dealers and installers.

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