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Visitors to our booth P155 in Hall 7 will be shown three multi-award winning components of our extensive product range - the digital floor information system, LED floor and the ASP software technology »PlayEverywhere2.0«.

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Visit us at the ISE (booth P155 in Hall 7).

Since 2001 netvico GmbH has been active in all business areas concerning visual communication of information, advertising and emotionalizing content. Using state -of -the -art media, such as digital orientation systems, light columns, terminals, light walls and LED floors, netvico offers comprehensive solutions serving the purpose of efficient customer communication.
Visitors to our booth P155 in Hall 7 will be shown three multi -award winning components of our extensive product range - the digital floor information system, LED floor and the software technology »PlayEverywhere2.0«.

The sophisticated software technology »PlayEverywhere2.0« is at the core of all of netvico's complex system solutions. With »PlayEverywhere2.0«, all connected communication media can be managed, updated and controlled centrally. The software is decidedly user -friendly and can be configured according to the requirements of the projects. The wide range of available media formats, from static images to animations and videos, makes the system a contemporary marketing tool. There are barely any limits to the content: entertainment offers, commercials, image videos, but also third party communication, such as news feeds or weather forecasts, to name just a few examples. The list of content is almost inexhaustible.

Besides sales promotion and an increase in attractiveness of the sales environment through the use of advertising content, high profitability and cost optimization are decisive arguments for the use of our software. For instance, »PlayEverywhere 2.0« can easily be integrated in existing communication structures. Furthermore, netvico's Application -Service -Providing -Model (ASP) means that operators are not faced with high investments and resource expenses for the operation of the broadcasting media: users themselves determine how the content is generated, they define the degree of automation in content production, and they decide if they want to create, edit and update the content or use the services of netvico's media -creation -department.

Using the digital floor information system, netvico will demonstrate the extensive range of capabilities shown by »PlayEverywhere 2.0« almost under real conditions. The digital orientation system, which is equipped with the latest generation of professional plasma screens developed by our partner Pioneer, captivates onlookers with an innovative combination of product and communication design: the column features reduced aesthetics and high -quality material, and ultimately takes second stage in favor of the system's functionalities, thus offering the ideal presentation platform for various forms of visual messages. Numerous design and technology awards, among them the »red dot design award«, the »if communication design award« and the »eco Internet Award« are impressive proof of our achievement with this digital floor information system.

There are good reasons for our success: netvico's corporate concept

Even when our company was founded six years ago we were already promoting our integrative approach, which has paid off very well and which is highly appreciated among our customers. An integrative approach means that we offer comprehensive, end -to -end solutions from one source: we accompany our customers through all phases of a project: from planning and implementation to sustainable service and support. That works on the condition that we display the same extensive competence in all areas, irrespective of whether technical, creative or business matters are concerned.

The second column of our corporate philosophy is the maximum extent of flexibility because netvico works in different industries: every project, every communicative situation is therefore a challenge for us, which requires customized solutions and tailored adjustment of the basic components we have created. We analyze local conditions and existing communications structures; we adapt the design and features of our products to the technical and architectural circumstances of the premises and configure our management system »PlayEverywhere 2.0« accordingly.

We therefore create places of animated communication, which set new standards on the future market of digital signage. We are supported in this process by strong partners like Pioneer, NEC and IBM Global Financing. Clients from all different industries are already benefiting from our digital -signage solutions, for instance DaimlerChrysler AG, Die Bahn AG and last but not least Peek & Cloppenburg KG Düsseldorf, for whom we recently installed a trendsetting advertising medium in Mannheim: a 30 m², LED -floor embedded in the floor and making a visit to the department store a whole new experience.

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