NetStreams and Polk Audio showing new product lines at ISE, stand J13

New lines from NetStreams and Polk Audio at ISE 2008 including home cinema integration with multi-room control and six new subwoofers

NetStreams, the world leader in digital entertainment networks based on Internet Protocol (IP) technology and Polk Audio the Internationally renowned designers and manufacturers of home, car and office loudspeakers, will give the first European viewing of their respective new product lines at January's Integrated Systems Europe show in Amsterdam.

NetStreams has introduced a new product called TheaterLinX™ (TH100), for home cinema integration. TheaterLinX allows installers to easily integrate the equipment found in a home cinema system with NetStreams' DigiLinX™ multi -room audio/video/control system, for easy selection and playback of the home cinema sources in any room in the house. Additionally, sources available on the DigiLinX network can also be streamed to the home cinema for selection and playback over the home theatre's existing equipment.

"One of the classic problems with installations that feature both a home cinema and a multi -room audio system is that the two systems are separate - - sources located in the home cinema are usually limited to that room and sources available on the multi -room audio system are not easily available for playback in the home cinema," mentioned Kevin Reinis, the company's President and CEO. "NetStreams' new TheaterLinX solves that problem by effectively bridging the home cinema and multi -room audio systems. This is a breakthrough development for our industry. Consumers can now easily access and listen to any audio source from any room in the house - including the home cinema."

Designed to connect to any home cinema A/V receiver or processor, TheaterLinX features both analog and S/PDIF audio inputs and outputs, a 10/100Mbps Ethernet connection (for connecting to the DigiLinX IP network), one sensor input, and three contact closures.

TheaterLinX bridges the gap between a home cinema and multi -room audio system in two ways. First, it converts the line level audio from the home cinema A/V receiver or processor into an IP stream for playback throughout the entire home over the DigiLinX network. Secondly, the TheaterLinX also outputs line level audio from sources on the DigiLinX network for playback over the A/V receiver or processor in the home cinema. The audio is completely synchronized - a key difference - with NetStreams' patent -pending technology, StreamNet™.

TheaterLinX, like all NetStreams DigiLinX products, is very easy to install and configure and learning IR codes is efficient and quick, thanks to an integrated IR receiver and the DigiLinX Dealer Setup program.

Polk Audio, the global audio brand known for holding over fifty patents for advances in loudspeaker design and technology and for producing class -leading architectural speakers for multi -room music and home cinema have no less than six brand new subwoofers delivering powerful, accurate and musical bass. Built for power and value, the new PSW and Micro Pro models represent a continuing refinement of the highly regarded PSW Series and a great introduction to visceral home cinema bass performance.
Like all Polk drivers designed in the past few years, the PSW subwoofer drivers were designed with the help of a Klippel Distortion Analyzer, an advanced tool that uses laser technology to measure and optimize driver behaviour under high output conditions. With the Klippel tool Polk engineers were able to maximize linearity, minimize distortion, flatten and extend frequency response.
Powerful discretion
Another new model, the CSW155, was introduced at Cedia Expo 2007 and is already the top selling model in the In -wall Subwoofer range. This is for everyone who covets uncompromising bass performance in a nearly invisible package. The CSW155's single 10 -inch diameter driver is the shallowest ever engineered by Polk, ensuring the CSW155 fits easily in a wall. This is really big bass that's created with free -standing subwoofer performance and ultra -reliability in mind. The CSW155 stands 1.5m tall but fits comfortably between standard 16 -inch on -center studs.

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