- New chemical treatment improves ultra-high frequency pulse response - All cables use XLO's proprietary Field-Balanced™ Geometry designs - All Reference 3 cables use 99.99998% pure laboratory grade copper

CES - LAS VEGAS, NV. - January 6, 2008 - Ultralink/XLO Products, Incorporated -the industry's fastest growing manufacturer of audio/video interconnects, cables and power products introduces the Signature 3™ and Reference 3™ Interconnects and Cables during CES this week in Las Vegas.

The original Reference Series from XLO provided a frame of reference required to experience all the performance potential an A/V system is capable of delivering. Along with the first generation Signature Series, these two lines set new standards for cable performance and quickly established XLO as the scientific leader of high performance interconnects and speaker wire in the industry. These Version 3 Series products represent significant upgrades in across the board performance over their highly regarded predecessors. This latest upgrade to the legendary Reference and Signature Series' improves signal transmission by optimizing and balancing the relationship between the current -controlled electromagnetic field formed around a cable's conductors and the electrostatic field formed around its insulation when passing an audio or digital/video signal.

Each conductor of every Reference 3 or Signature 3 interconnect or speaker cable is made of 99.99997% ('Six Nines') pure Laboratory Grade copper, custom -drawn to XLO's specific requirements. Signature 3 goes even further and uses nothing but UPOCC 6N copper (Ultra Pure Ohno Continuous Casting process) which is so expensive that it's actually sold by the gram. This higher -grade copper ensures the best transmission of all the fine details required of an XLO cable, moreover, it is extremely flexible and reliable to terminate.

An entirely new chemical treatment was employed to improve the ultra -high frequency pulse response in the Reference 3 and Signature 3 lines. This chemical surface treatment for metal conductors significantly reduces rise -time effects and increases the ultra -high frequency response and definition. Following this treatment each conductor in the Reference 3 series is insulated with a very thin (as little as .076 mm) layer of a specially selected high performance non -fluorinated polymer. For the Signature 3 series this layer is a specially processed Dupont(tm) Teflon(r) -variant material.

The proprietary Field -Balanced(tm) winding geometry is XLO's original technological advancement and is still among its most significant. The braiding and winding geometries for Reference 3 and Signature 3 products embody all that XLO has learned in nearly two decades of industry leadership.

The Reference 3 and Signature 3 benefit from the very latest approach in minimizing capacitive discharge effects. We reduced the total amount of dielectric material and used materials with the minimum feasible dielectric constant and the most rapid dump rate. On interconnects, the outer jacket has simply been eliminated from the design, leaving the insulated conductors and their associated forming members with no other dielectric element between themselves and the outside air. The speaker cables, which are more likely to be stepped -on or otherwise mistreated, durability is more of a concern, and an open -weave mesh jacket is used to produce a similar result.

The new, very tightly woven construction of the various models in the Reference 3 and Signature 3 series effectively prevent vibration -sympathetic motion of the cables' internal elements and make cable -generated spurious signals (CGSS) truly a thing of the past.

All XLO Reference 3 and Signature 3 cables are hand -terminated using connectors of XLO's own proprietary design. All cables are made from the very best materials and dielectrics and built to XLO's own rigorous standards. All connectors are 24k gold plated directly to conductor without the nickel substrate commonly used by others. This makes for enhanced low -level resolution and detail without the electromagnetic effects of the nickel layer.

For more than 15 years, XLO has designed, engineered, manufactured and sold high performance specialty cables to the home entertainment enthusiast around the world. Unique in the industry, XLO manufacturers all of their own product, allowing them 100 percent quality control, which is backed by a lifetime warranty.

The new Reference 3 and Signature 3 products are slated to begin shipping February 2008. Retail prices start at $290 for Reference3 .5m audio pair and $590 for Signature 3 .5m audio pair.

About Ultralink/XLO Products Inc.
Ultralink/XLO Products Inc., headquartered in Toronto, Canada is an industry -leading manufacturer of high -performance audio and video cables, interconnects and UltraPower power accessories. Marketed around the world, the Ultralink brand is Canada's market share leader. Much of the corporation's growth and significant product innovations are devoted to the world's transition to DTV (digital television), the popularity of home DVD and multi -channel audio applications. In early 2002 Ultralink Products Inc. acquired XLO Electric Co., Inc. a professional and audiophile reference brand of cables and interconnects. Ultralink is a member of PARA, CEDIA and the CEA. For more information on Ultralink/XLO and their product brands, please call 909 -947 -6960 or find them at www.ultralinkproducts.com .


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