BMB launches Universal Remote Control's two stylish new RF /IR Remotes with Colour Screen icons

BMB launched the Stylish new Universal Remote Control's MX-810 and MX-980 Remotes. These easy to use and fully programmable remotes provide Home Theatre owners and professional installers with dedicated, custom control.

Veen - Netherlands - BMB Electronics today launched the Stylish new Universal Remote Control's MX -810 and MX -980 Remotes. These easy to use and fully programmable remotes provide Home Theatre owners and professional installers with dedicated, custom control. The MX -810 is focussed towards single room use for Home Theatres or AV systems, where each room in a home can have its own remote. The MX -980 is aimed as the ideal solution for Whole House, Multi -room integration use and features more sophisticated programming options.

Both models feature big, bright, active matrix Colour LCD's which are larger and more vivid than comparable remotes, and a broad array of attractive, icon graphics that are readable at a glance. It also provides access to a vast array of custom control solutions -all available free of charge at

Both remotes are PC -powered devices and are programmable by any Windows -compatible computer with a USB port. An installer can set up the MX -810 remote by connecting a PC, then simply follow the instructions of an intuitive onscreen programming Wizard. The MX -980 has its own configuration editor software which is more comprehensive for more complex configurations.

Featuring Radio Frequency (RF) addressability, a bright, colour LCD display and the readiness for programming, allows custom installers to put any command on any LCD page, and fully personalize the screen's icons for every user. The RF capability also eliminates the need to point the remote at whatever it is activating, or even remain in the line of sight of any equipment. They can both control components up to 100 feet away from locations throughout a home, and even components concealed in cabinets or behind doors.

The MX -810 and MX -980 are both fully compatible with URC's own MSC -400 Master System Controller. This device seamlessly harnesses the power of sophisticated home entertainment systems, providing installers with options and advantages not otherwise available. It offers triggered macros, RS -232 and relay control, video and voltage sensors, rock -solid Narrow Band RF and many more features - taming systems' complexity, while delivering unmatched flexibility, automation power, installation speed, and diagnostic capabilities. With or without the MSC -400, both models are powerful, versatile remotes that revolutionizes the remote control experience for anyone who prefers a light, hand -held interface.

Useful additional features:
• A motion sensor that automatically turns on the LCD screen when the remote is picked up
• A one -touch blue backlight that ensures the MX -810 can be used easily in dim or darkened rooms. This can be activated by a button, or by the motion sensor.
• A small integrated speaker optionally beeps in response to button pushes. The MX980 can also play WAV files.
• A built -in time/date display, low -battery alert, rechargeable lithium ion battery, and a supplied USB programming cable.

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About BMB Electronics
BMB Electronics BV is located in Veen, Netherlands and under the BMB and Martek company names has been in business since 1987, growing year on year to become one of Europe's Premier Distributors of Custom Installation, Audio Visual, Building Automation and Lighting solutions. The company holds extensive stock to supply the European market and hosts regular dealer/installer training sessions at its own custom designed offices and warehouses in Holland, the UK and Sweden.

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