Luminus Devices\' PhlatLight™ Illuminates iNNOSWELL\'s New 3LCD Pocket Projector at 2008 CES

PhlatLight™ LED Projector Uses 3LCD Microdisplay Technology to Achieve Breakthrough 180 ANSI Lumens

Las Vegas, Nevada - January 7, 2008 - Luminus Devices, Inc. today announced that Korean optical display company iNNOSWELL, Co., Ltd. has introduced a new 3LCD pocket projector illuminated by Luminus' patented PhlatLight™ technology. The prototype projector, which is being demonstrated at this week's International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, uses Luminus' PhlatLight PT54 chipset and 3LCD 3 -chip technology to achieve an unprecedented brightness of over 180 ANSI lumens.

The iNNOSWELL projector has reached a new record level of brightness for solid -state illuminated pocket projectors and demonstrates PhlatLight's outstanding flexibility and ready compatibility with any microdisplay technology. The first -ever 3LCD projector illuminated by LED to achieve over 100 lumens of brightness, it uses Epson's latest D7 panel, a 0.55" 3LCD chipset that offers a 20 percent increased aperture ratio and enables a significantly brighter picture. The projector combines PhlatLight's superior brightness and color quality with the industry -leading color reproduction of 3LCD technology to reproduce more natural images than other single chip -based projectors and eliminate color breakup and motion blur.

"From its inception, iNNOSWELL has aimed to develop products that redefine the quality standard for projection," said Jaewan Ryu, CEO at iNNOSWELL, Co., Ltd. "The superior brightness and proven reliability of PhlatLight serve to maximize the superb reproduction capabilities of the 3LCD technology and have enabled a breakthrough product we are proud to offer to consumer electronics companies worldwide."

PhlatLight LEDs are the brightest solid -state light source in the world and last for the lifetime of the projector. The single large chip design eliminates the complexity and color management difficulty associated with the multi -chip solutions required to achieve equivalent brightness with conventional LEDs, and they offer "instant -on" with full brightness since there is no lamp warm -up time. PhlatLight is also environmentally friendly, and eliminates the need to replace the conventional arc lamp as used in most high -brightness projectors.

3LCD technology uses a combination of dichroic mirrors and LCD panels to create a full -color, more true -to -life image than projection technologies using single -chip architectures. Dichroic mirrors split the initial beam of light into its three separate colors before each color is sent through its own LCD panel to form a precisely shaded, single -color image. These three images are then combined using a prism to create a full -color picture for the projection lens. Optimized for maximum light conservation, 3LCD engines bring more photons of light to the screen than any other projection system and offer high -contrast images reproduced in the entire visible color spectrum.

"3LCD technology brings a whole new viewing experience to projection applications," said Tim Anderson, product marketing manager, 3LCD. "The unmatched brightness and color quality of PhlatLight is an incredible complement to our strengths in contrast and image reproduction, and the combination of both in iNNOSWELL's newest model will help to further raise the quality bar in the burgeoning pocket projector market."

Luminus will demonstrate a variety of consumer and professional display products illuminated by PhlatLight LED technology, including projection TVs, pocket and pico projectors, a home theater projector and large screen LCD backlight units with a focus on enabling slimmer panels and improved performance. The demonstrations will take place this week in a private suite at The Mirage, located at 3400 Las Vegas Boulevard South, Las Vegas, Nevada. Anyone interested in scheduling an appointment should contact Bree Clidence at (760) 940 -9025 or Kaycee Roberts at (401) 490 -9700 for more information.

About iNNOSWELL, Co., Ltd.
Founded in Jan 2007, iNNOSWELL, Co., Ltd. develops innovative optical display devices, such as LED pocket projectors, optical projection engines, and other applications of optical and/or electronic devices. iNNOSWELL is leading the new, growing trend toward LED illumination in mini -projectors with ultra -high brightness and natural images. iNNOSWELL is maintaining a close relationship with worldwide, industry -leading partners in the fields of LEDs, microdisplay, and optics. They include Luminus Devices, Inc., Seiko Epson, Corp., and Sekonix Co., Ltd., etc. iNNOSWELL's headquarters and research facilities are located in Seoul, Korea. For more information, visit

About Luminus Devices
Luminus Devices, Inc. develops and manufactures high performance solid state light sources for a variety of illumination applications, including high definition TVs, video projectors, avionics displays, and lighting systems. Its patented PhlatLight (Photonic Lattice) LED products are the brightest and most versatile solid state light sources available today and are enabling innovative products and applications never before possible. Luminus Devices' headquarters and primary manufacturing facilities are located in Billerica, Massachusetts, U.S.A. For more information, visit and


For more information, contact:
Bree Clidence or Kaycee Roberts
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760 -940 -9025 or 401 -490 -9700 or

Note to editors: PhlatLight is a registered trademark of Luminus Devices, Inc.

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