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Wintek announces our new product line-up for Broadcast and Home music automation: Virtual Cart Machine® - Digital Broadcast Live Assist Automation - EZDJPro® - Broadcast Automation Software with Format Clock Control & Music Scheduling.

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Wintek, makers of the popular Wintrax® music control software, proudly announces our updated product line -up:

NEW! Virtual Cart Machine® - Digital Music Automation - Broadcast Live Assist Software.
Yesterday; DJ's used to have two turntables and three cart machines to line up music and spots. Today; the digital era. And with the quality of MP3, WAV, and WMA you can play everything on -screen from a PC! Virtual Cart Machine gives you 12 on -screen players called CARTS to play your music, jingles, liners, commercials, news, weather, sports, and more. Professional enough for broadcast and simple enough for portable party DJs and night clubs.
Each CART has all the information about the current playing audio files including volume controls and album artwork! All the audio for the whole party can be arranged and played, even on your laptop. If 12 carts are too many, just half -size at the click of a button. If 12 are too few, add 12 more with each click of your mouse. Prearranged sets can be saved and recalled again -and -again. Want to play the time and temperature; just click the button or insert the pre -recorded cuts into a cart. When it plays, it's right!
Virtual Cart Machine can play any audio file that you have CODECS for; if it plays in Windows Media Player it will play in VCM. You can create favorite folders that let you access preferred music files in an instant. Hot keys allow you to control the carts from your keyboard or external devices.
Virtual Cart Machine keeps an audit trail of everything that plays, for later review. It outputs text for RDS devices so the listeners know what's playing on their **RDS radio display. The decks can loop for music on hold or parking lot messages. Never before has arranging your music sets been easier. Virtual Cart Machine runs on Windows Vista/XP/2000/2003 Server with a minimum screen resolution of 1024x768.

EZDJPro® - Broadcast Automation Software with Format Clock Control and Music Scheduling.
EzDJPro Music Automation, software like the pros. It provides complete clock format control of your MP3/WMA/WAV digital music library. Rip songs from CDs then organize them into categories. Then create a format -clock or play list and let it roll. EzDJPro is designed for automating your digital music collection. Written by digital radio broadcast veterans, the music scheduler is one of the easiest to operate in the market. It provides complete control for your LPFM, cable radio, Internet station, store -casting, music -on -hold, and other music automation needs. EzDJPro even inserts current time and temperature, announcements, jingles, stingers, liners, bumpers and more. Complete play list editor included.
EzDJPro runs on Windows Vista/XP/2000/2003 Server. It takes as little as 30 minutes to setup, if you already have your music on your hard drive. It even abides by Windows appearance schemes. EzDJPro picks up the time from the National Bureau of Standards. It picks up the temperature and weather from The Weather Channel(TM) or local METAR weather stations. **RSD output support gives you a hook to stream the song and artist information to your web site, radio dial or character generator.
Wintrax® CD Changer Control - Spend more time ENJOYING your music, not looking for it. Control up to eight Pioneer or Sony Mega CD Changers from your PC or Laptop.

Wintrax software installed on your PC allows you to control up to EIGHT Pioneer® &/or Sony® Mega Audio -CD changers (25 -to -3200 discs) from your PC. This control allows 'you' to decide what to play. Without Wintrax, Mega changers are just mega storage devices; with no idea what you want to hear. Did you know 300 CD -discs are equivalent to 22,200 minutes of music, or 5,920 songs (avg. 3.75 minutes each), or 22.2 gigabytes? Pioneer & Sony CD changers are inexpensive and reliable. All your music will be safe and sound. No backup required. Easy setup... You can be your own RADIO STATION practically! Just think of the alternative... hundreds of hours of ripping to MP3's, with constant, timely, unmanageable backups and the fear of a hard drive crash, in which case, you just start all over again if you didn't back up. Wintrax also has **RDS output for displaying your currently music information on your website or the radio dial. Wintrax runs on Windows Vista/XP/2000/2003 Server.

Sony or Pioneer Mega CD PSR® Changer Controller - Use with Wintrax or roll your own!
The PSR controllers are micro -processor controlled devices that control from 1 -to -4 and/or 1 -to -8 Pioneer® or 1 -to -8 Sony® audio CD mega changers. The Pioneer® version also controls laser -disc video players and cassette tape decks from Pioneer®.
The purpose of the controllers are to allow you to create your own CD jukebox software, or to extend your Wintrax software to eight (8) changers.
Up to eight (8) of each device can be controlled by connecting the PSR to the RS -232C serial port of a personal computer or similar device. More players can be controlled with the additional PSR devices on other serial ports. Don't have serial ports? Use a USB -to -Serial converter cable. The cable from the PC, Mac, or other host, can be as long as one -quarter mile and need only be a wire with two -conductors and shield. For more details visit our website today!
For prices and more details on how to take control of your music collection, please visit our website today by clicking on one of the above links.

Merry Christmas, Season's Greetings and Happy New Year 2008 from all the folks at Wintek Software Company.

Best regards,
Alan Freeman =)

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