CHICAGO, IL - CES 2008 - Peerless Industries, Inc., the industry leader in professional-grade audio/visual mounting solutions, today announced it will be showing its PRG Precision Gear Projector Mount.

Precise Image Alignment

Peerless' PRG Precision Gear Projector Mount is simplifying the way image alignment is done. The patent -pending precision gear design allows exact tilt and roll image positioning by simply turning two adjustment knobs with a Phillips screw driver, or use the tool -less option by extending the knobs to adjust by hand. Easily adjust the precision gear to the desired position to set it in place - it will hold its position even during projector maintenance. When required, the precision gears can be locked in place to prevent unauthorized image alignment. With Peerless' PRG Precision Gear Projector Mount, the installer can set it and forget it. No more adjustment screws. No more micro adjustments. No more hassles.

Reduced Installation Time and Easy Maintenance
Projector installation and maintenance are simpler than ever with Peerless' PRG Precision Gear Projector Mount. Its exclusive horizontal wrench access slots and pre -assembled design lower the number of installation steps required, reducing installation time and increasing installer profitability. When flush mounting, simply slide an open -ended wrench into the slot to simultaneously lock the swivel adjustment into place and secure the mount into position, eliminating the need to remove or even touch the projector during installation. Projector maintenance is made effortless with its quick -release mechanism that uses an aluminum track to smoothly slide the projector in and out of the mount. Projector removal or reattachment is accomplished without the use of tools - simply turn the thumbscrew to release or engage the projector.

Compatibility, Security and Aesthetics
The PRG Precision Gear Projector Mount is compatible with Peerless' comprehensive line of projector mount accessories, adding versatility to this unique mounting solution. The mount comes with Peerless' Sorted -For -You™ fastener pack and features a tamper resistant design to protect the projector from theft. Its cable management keeps cables and cords tucked out of sight with cable access ports that provide ample space for every input including VGA connectors and power cord plugs. At only 2.6 inches high, this mount's low -profile design makes it virtually invisible in almost any installation.

Peerless' PRG Precision Gear Mount models PRG -UNV with Spider® Universal Adapter Plate will be shown at CES 2008 in Peerless' booth number 21740, Las Vegas, NV, January 7 -10, 2008. For more information about Peerless' professional -grade mounting solutions, visit Peerless' booth #21740 at CES 2008 or

About Peerless Industries, Inc.
Peerless has designed and manufactured the most comprehensive line of audio/visual mounting solutions for over 40 years. Today, Peerless designs and manufactures mounts for current and emerging visual display technologies, including LCD and plasma flat panel displays, projectors, CRT televisions and other electronic equipment used in the commercial and consumer markets. Built on decades of experience and proven expertise, Peerless Industries is ISO 9001 certified and is an approved Underwriters Laboratories testing site. For more information, visit

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