IVONA TTS Reads \'A Christmas Carol\'

Because of the coming Christmas Expressivo – the software that reads any text with the virtual voices of IVONA Text-To-Speech (TTS) system, has now been provided with an additional bonus. It is 'A Christmas Carol' by Charles Dickens.

'A Christmas Carol' is available from www.expressivo.com where it can be downloaded for free as a PDF file. You can open the PDF file in Expressivo Text -To -Speech Reader and listen to. The ebook can also be saved as a sound file and then played on any MP3 player (including iPod). You can hear a passage from the story, read out by one of IVONA TTS’s virtual voices, here: http://say.expressivo.com/A1fpDdvb.

The Christmas offer with the story includes also the version of Expressivo featuring the newest enhanced voice of Jennifer which debuted at the beginning of December. When developing the new Jennifer its authors drew on the experiences acquired during the prestigious international Blizzard Challenge where in 2006 and 2007 IVO Text -To -speech system received the highest scores. Also several thousands of suggestions sent by IVONA users were taken into account. The reviewers of Jennifer’s test version consider it to be the best virtual English -speaking voice they have ever heard.

Expressivo with the story can certainly be a perfect original Christmas gift. Christmas is the best time to listen together to passages of the story and to test the popular text -to -speech system. One of Expressivo’s indisputable advantages is also the fact that it is available on the Web around the clock, seven days a week, also on Christmas. You can buy it and download it to your computer without leaving home, even when celebrating Christmas Eve.

Expressivo is a computer application for anyone which can read any text with a human voice. The application may also be used to facilitate learning of foreign languages or to read out film subtitles. Expressivo allows you also to listen to books, RSS feeds, Web pages, e -mails – not only via a computer but also via a portable MP3 player while on a walk or in a car. It is the first application of this type in the world to be fully integrated with iPods. Expressivo is powered by IVONA Text -To -Speech system, considered to be one of the best in the world. To find out more about Expressivo visit http://www.expressivo.com.

Expressivo Text -To -Speech Reader has been developed by IVO Software. The Company was established in 2001 and since then it has been involved only in creation and development of speech synthesis products. The Company conducts its own research in this field and takes advantage of the achievements of university centers from all over the world. Based on a proprietary technology IVO develops and implements software speaking with a human voice. Its professional products are used in business (telecommunications, customer service centers etc.) and in the rehabilitation of the blind. Expressivo in turn, which has been made available recently but has already become popular enables virtually anyone to take advantage of the speech generation technology thanks to its affordable price. To find out more about IVO Software visit: www.ivosoftware.com.

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