Radiospire Networks to Preview Two New Wireless HDMI Product Designs Using AirHook Technology

Both Units Will Be Demoed During 2008 International Consumer Electronics Show

Hudson, MA - December 18, 2007 - Radiospire Networks today announced that it will unveil two production -ready products based on its AirHook™ wireless HD connectivity technology during the upcoming 2008 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) from January 7 -10, 2008 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The highlight of Radiospire's preview event will be the demonstration of its new Wireless HD Theater Hub, which will allow consumers to connect multiple high -definition sources, such as a DVD player or set -top box, to an HDTV without punching holes into walls or running cables. The demo will show how AirHook technology can send the signal wirelessly to a high -definition TV in the same room from 15 or more feet away. Radiospire will also show a working unit of its AirHook Wireless for HDMI cable replacement product, a convenient, plug -and -play dongle pair that connects a set -top box with an HDTV to deliver high -definition video without cables.

"We are excited to be unveiling two new product designs that demonstrate significant progress in bringing the wireless living room closer to reality," said Paul Powers, CEO of Radiospire. "These units demonstrate a major breakthrough in enabling the use of massive, previously unattainable bandwidth to deliver a flawless HD picture wirelessly. By allowing our customers to achieve the greatest wireless HD quality at the lowest possible cost, we can advance the use of wireless connections in the home theater and gaming accessories markets."

AirHook technology is the industry's highest bandwidth wireless HD connectivity solution. At 1.6 Gbps, AirHook technology delivers the highest throughput of any product on the market to allow for the transmission of pure, uncompressed audio and video with maximum picture quality and no latency. Unlike WiMedia or 802.11 -based wireless solutions, AirHook technology efficiently and cost -effectively satisfies consumer demand for 1080p, transmitting uncompressed HD video from a distance of over 15 feet. AirHook technology can scale to meet future industry requirements and is designed for use in any wideband unlicensed spectrum, including 3.1 - 4.8 GHz and 57 - 66 GHz. It also supports all major worldwide video formats.

"It's great to see momentum building around products that incorporate HDMI technology," said Stevan Eidson, director of product marketing at Silicon Image, a leading innovator in digital content delivery and a trusted technology partner of Radiospire Networks. "We see innovative product designs, like the ones Radiospire is introducing at CES, as a catalyst to propelling HDMI into new applications."

Radiospire will be conducting demonstrations in a private suite at the MGM Grand Suites, located at 3799 Las Vegas Boulevard South, Las Vegas, Nevada from January 7 - 10, 2008.

About Radiospire Networks
Radiospire Networks, headquartered in Hudson, Massachusetts, is a venture -backed company that provides revolutionary, wireless HD connectivity solutions for the display, accessory and gaming markets. Radiospire's AirHook™ technology is a chipset -based solution that enables the in -home transmission of high -definition (HD) video, without the hassle or mess of cables. Purpose -built to provide maximum bandwidth for the highest quality HD at the lowest cost, the AirHook chipset is available today for integration into cable replacement dongles, HDTVs, DVD players, game consoles and other consumer electronics products. For more information, visit


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Note to editors: AirHook is a trademark of Radiospire Networks.

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