Vutec To Present Silverstar™, A Revolution in High Definition Projection Screens; Art Screen™, Combining State-of-the-Art Technology with Elegant Fine Art; Theater Art Systems, Transforming Any Room Into a Home Theater

[Pompano Beach, FL - December 17, 2008] - Vutec Corporation, for 30 years the global leader in video projection screen technology and innovation, announced today that it will showcase a wide range of select leading -edge products at The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas from January 7 thru 10. Vutec's exhibit will be located in South Hall 1, Booth # 20662.

Vutec has been paving the way for innovation in the design and manufacture of front and rear projection screens, masking systems, aesthetic enhancement products, and AV presentation tools. The company's state -of -the -art product line has evolved to satisfy the ever -changing demands of video enthusiasts and audio/video dealers worldwide.

Vutec was the first to launch products in video projection screens and became recognized as the industry pioneer with the development of high -gain curved screens. Out of responsiveness to client demand emerged a line of products which today fills the need for virtually every customer taste and economic level.

Of the more than one hundred products manufactured by Vutec today, the company will provide visitors to CES with a select number of its products coming out of its three umbrella lines: A/V, Vutec™, and its top -of -the -line Vision X™.

Vutec holds numerous patents and patents -pending on a variety of products, including the revolutionary SilverStar™ video projection screens.

At CES, visitors will have an opportunity to experience live demos of innovative Vutec products:

SilverStar™ - The "Prince" of True High Definition
(through Vutec and VisionX lines)

Vutec has maintained its leading position with the introduction of products like the revolutionary, patented SilverStar™, its crowning achievement and the most important screen technology advancement in more than 30 years.

SilverStar™, a fixed screen, is the true high -definition screen projecting six plus times brighter than the typical screen in the marketplace," said Kevin R. Baisely, Vutec's Vice President of Sales and Marketing. "This derives from its innovative patented technology - a silver base material combined with multiple optical layers to provide a 6.0 gain.

This increases color saturation and detail, while increasing contrast in either controlled or uncontrolled ambient lighting conditions," he said.

ArtScreen™ - Transform Your Video Projection Screen into a Work of Art (through Vutec and VisionX lines)

ArtScreen™, which has received numerous awards including the Multi -Room Audio Video Award by the Consumer Electronics Association, transforms an LCD, Plasma TV or video projection screen into an elegant work of art - one of a large selection of Giclee (canvas) fine art prints - or photographs. Inside a beautiful hardwood frame, the desired artwork ascends or descends with the touch of a remote. When the display screen or television is not in use, the digital art -on -canvas image of your choice is displayed within the frame. When the artwork is retracted, the video display is again visible for viewing.

CineScape Series is available for front or rear video projection screens up to 45" in height by 106" in width. Custom sizes can also be accommodated.

The SoundScape 360 is Vutec's second -generation ArtScreen designed to accommodate the new single speaker surround sound technology. Integrated into the ArtScreen housing, SoundScape 360 features a fully dimensional sound compartment that can be positioned above or below the video display. SoundScape 360 is available for Plasma or LCD displays from 32 inches to over 65 inches in size.

Theater Art Systems with ArtScreen™ - Merging High Tech with High Style (through Vutec and VisionX lines)

Keeping pace with the continued surge of popularity in home entertainment, and the increased demand for home theaters, Vutec Corporation will showcase its Theater Art Systems (TAS) at CES. The artistic feature of "TAS" is about the marriage of fine art and state -of -the -art technology, speaking to the increasing consumer demand for versatility and beautification.

Theater Art Systems combines the one -of -a -kind ArtScreen™, framed high quality motorized art with an automatic vertical masking system that transforms Plasma, LCD Television or video projection screens into beautiful works of art.

Theater Art Systems transforms any room into a Home Theater. When the artwork is retracted and motorized up, it reveals a 2.35:1 Cinemascope movie screen. That screen in turn masks a 16:9 HD format, with vertical masks that motor up on either side. "TAS" includes SilverStar™, delivering the ultimate in picture quality featuring maximum detail, vivid color, and higher contrast ratio in controlled or uncontrolled lighting.

Howard Sinkoff, Vutec's president, said that in the last several years a dedicated media room has virtually become a standard feature in high end homes and high -rises throughout the country. "The beauty of Theater Art Systems," said Sinkoff, "is that it is perfect as an adaptation for any room in the house - family room, living room, bedroom or den."

SoundScreen™ - Full frequency sound reproduction and picture clarity (through Vutec and VisionX lines)

Unrivalled for its quality of sound, SoundScreen™ is an audio transparent screen surface providing full frequency sound reproduction and picture clarity. Speakers are positioned from behind, either flush in the wall, or as floor standing.

In the Vutec line, the product offers an optional black backing which increases contrast and increases Black level. The backing eliminates reflections off the back wall and allows placement in front of Plasma TVs or reflective surfaces. In the Vision X line, black backing is standard.

DecoFrame™ - Transform Your Flat Panel into a Stylish Room Accessory (through Vutec and VisionX lines)

DecoFrame™ , for fixed wall screens, decoratively transforms a flat panel plasma or LCD into a stylish room accessory, providing the finishing touch to enhance any room décor. "With total ownership of LCD and Plasma televisions in the US expected to exceed 10 million units in 2008, many consumers want to integrate their video displays into their homes' interior design, said Kevin Baisley, Vutec's Vice President of Sales & Marketing.

DecoFrame is available in nine standard sizes and ten finishes for Plasma and LCD's from 32 to 60 inches. Custom orders are also available.

New Eleganté - Consumer Price -Friendly Fixed Frame or Motorized Screen

Both the Eleganté Fixed Frame Wall Screen, and the UL listed Eleganté Motorized Screen will be showcased at CES.

Eleganté Fixed Frame Wall Screen is a competitively priced front projection screen. It is a permanently -tensioned, easy -to -use projector wall screen that is available in Matte White or Matte Gray screen surfaces to suit your viewing environment. Eleganté's standard features include a black velvet finished beveled frame, Vutec's VTS™ system for easy installation and is available in 4:3 (Video) and 16:9 (HDTV) formats to complement any size viewing room.

The New Eleganté motorized screen is a competitively priced motorized projection screen, featuring a styled aluminum housing for wall or ceiling mounting. Representing the best value in its class, Eleganté motorized screens come standard with value -added features, including Vutec's EMS™ (EZ -Mounting System) included. One -person installation, and can be adjusted after mounting. It is wall or ceiling mounted with 1" vertical black borders, Matte White or Matte Gray screen surface, 6" of black leader.

Heavy duty aluminum housing with choice of black or white finish. Available in 110 Volt or 220 Volt for export.

The New Lectric II - [through Vutec line]

The Lectric II is a new extruded aluminum ceiling flush mount motorized screen designed for use with all self -supported screen surfaces. This design accommodates additional leader lengths and includes a built -in ceiling trim kit and an easy mounting internal sliding bracket system. The Lectric II is the ideal choice for installation up to 180" diagonal. Lectric II also includes a pre -construction option that allows the housing to be installed independently prior to the fabric and motor assembly. This provides for safety and ease of installation for new construction or renovation applications. Lectric II is ideal for large theater, auditoriums, conference rooms and houses of worship.

EconoPro - Budget Value for Wide Range of Quality A/V & Presentation Products [through A/V line]

This popular, affordable line includes:

EconoPro Manual Screens: EconoPro, EconoPro 2000, EconoPro Deluxe
EconoPro Tripod Screens: T -Series, the new S -Series and H -Series
EconoPro Portable Projection Screens: Porta -Vu Riser, Porta -Vu Traveller
EconoPro Electric Screens: New Lectro IR "L Series", Lectro IR 2000 "H Series"
Lectro IR QM "A Series" (UL Listed)
New EconoPro Control System: New IR and RF

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Director of Communications
954 -545 -9000

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