New ExtenHD line from Sima brings HDMI into focus

Oakmont, PA - Sima Products, a leader in A/V accessories for 35 years, proudly introduces the ExtenHD line of HDMI products to help test, convert, switch and distribute HDMI signals.

Oakmont, PA - Market researcher In -Stat predicts that nearly 200 million devices incorporating HDMI are expected to ship in 2008, with an installed base of nearly one billion HDMI -enabled devices by 2010, Sima Products, a leader in A/V accessories for 35 years, proudly introduces the ExtenHD line of HDMI products to help test, convert, switch and distribute HDMI signals.

According to Ilana Diamond, CEO of Sima, the HDMI interface has more potential than any other interface ever brought into the consumer electronics and A/V industries. "The real advantage of HDMI is the ability to put the audio and video all on one cable -in an uncompressed format." said Diamond. "I am very excited that we have developed an integrated line of HDMI products to provide practical solutions for customers using this emerging technology."
The last stop in the signal chain is your TV. This is where the digits hit the screen. Today's HDMI TV's have many settings relating to adjustment of the digital 1080p signal .To optimize image quality and get the most from your TV, the signal needs to be calibrated correctly. Sima's new X -GEN Pro is a test pattern signal generator that provides a true HDMI signal to fine tune timings, resolutions and frequencies for an optimal high definition image. This HDMI signal generator allows you to calibrate and test HDMI displays and complete system setups. The X -GEN Pro provides as many as 35 timings, 39 HDMI testing patterns and over 4000 types of testing signals. Sima's X -Gen Pro can also be operated by remote control. This time and money saving feature allows an installer to stand in front of the set to make the adjustments without relying on a partner talking him through the settings.
Transmitting high definition audio/video over a long distance using a standard HDMI cable, results in digital degradation. For every 50' the HDMI signal travels, it needs a signal boost. Sima's new X -EQ1, an HDMI equalizer, eliminates noise (sparkles) and provides a dB boost to compensate for signal loss.
Meeting the challenge of sending HDMI signals on cable runs over 100 feet requires a high -powered transmitter and receiver module set. Sima has two new transmitters: the X -CAT 50 and X -CAT 250. These units convert HDMI to CAT 5 & 6, allowing you to use an existing CAT pathway for distribution. In this fashion, HDMI overcomes distance limitations without signal loss. The X -CAT 50 is good for up to 164 feet, while the X -CAT 250 exceeds 800 feet.
Integrating HDMI into your existing system may require some signal conversion for compatibility. Sima meets the challenge head on with the new X -Con YUV conversion unit. The X -Con YUV provides the necessary separation and conversion of the HDMI video and audio signals into component video and digital audio. The converted signals can be fed to your HD projection TV or any other device that lacks HDMI connections.
Of course, there will be other challenges that require solutions to make the most of the exciting HDMI standard. Count on Sima's ExtenHD line to make life a little easier in the world of HDMI. See our ExtenHD line of HDMI products and other products by Sima Products at CES2008, Booth #7960 (Central Hall LVCC).

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