Capitol Sales Company Chosen to Carry Panasonic's

Capitol Sales Company has been selected by Panasonic as one of the few distributors to carry the new KX-TDE line of converged IP-PBX Telephone Systems.

Capitol Sales Company Chosen to Carry Panasonic's

IP -Based Telephone Systems

Small Businesses With Multiple Locations are Target Market

DENVER, Sept. 6, 2007 -Capitol Sales Company has been selected by Panasonic as one of the few distributors to carry the new KX -TDE line of converged IP -PBX Telephone Systems. The IP -based systems are anticipated to be popular with small businesses that have more than one location, staff that travels frequently or employees working from remote offices.
The new Panasonic technology responds to the IP -phone market trend for lower -cost phone systems and desktop mobility. It allows for one common office phone system that provides seamless call transfers, extension dialing from any location and "free calls" within the company, regardless of location. Because multiple locations are connected through one IP -based system, they can share one receptionist, one voice mail system and an auto -attendant. The system streamlines the network infrastructure, saving money while enhancing teamwork and communication among employees.

Capitol Sales Company Chosen to Carry Panasonic's IP -Based Telephone Systems…2

The two systems currently available are the KX -TDE200 that allows up to 256 extensions and 128 COs; and the KX -TDE100 that allows up to 128 extensions and 128 COs. CO is a telecommunications office centralized in a specific location to handle the telephone service for that locale. Telephone lines are connected to the CO on a local loop, and the CO switches calls between local service and long -distance service.
Every dealer selling this new line of IP -based products will undergo extensive education through Panasonic's training department to become certified in IP -phone systems. "We are very pleased to see Panasonic expanding into this emerging technology area and look forward to distributing and supporting this product line," said Curt Hayes, President and CFO of Capitol Sales Company. "We expect that our dealers will rely heavily on us for assistance in bids, system design, programming and technical support. Our staff has been ramping up over the past couple of years to learn about how to support emerging IP -technology. We are already carrying IP -based technologies from several other vendors."
Carl Wright, Panasonic Communication Systems Account Executive describes how they selected Capitol Sales as a distribution partner. "Capitol Sales Company was a natural fit to distribute and support this new product category given their extensive knowledge and technical capabilities with our existing phone system products," said Wright. "They have proven their ability to provide excellent Panasonic telephone system phone education and dealer support. We anticipate they'll do a great job for us. This is a new category where technical support will be more important than ever, since IP -based systems are new for many integrators."

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To learn more about Capitol Sales Company, visit, call
1 -800 -INSTALL (467 -8255) or e -mail
Capitol Sales Company, Inc. partners with its customers as a hybrid distributor of emerging technologies from more than 125 leading manufacturers. It distributes an extensive portfolio of consumer electronics and provides solutions for home theatre, telephone, integrated home systems and pro A/V. Nationally known for its expert tech -support, system design and education, Capitol's broad customer base ranges from low -voltage integrators and electronic retailers to incentive providers. Capitol Sales, a private company founded in 1976, is based in St. Paul, Minn.

Panasonic Corporation of North America, the principal North American subsidiary of Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. Ltd. (NYSE: MC) and the hub of Panasonic's U.S. marketing, sales, service and R&D operations. The company's products range from consumer products like High Definition Plasma TVs, Lumix Digital Cameras and Blu -ray Disc players to professional displays and video equipment, Toughbook ruggedized laptop PCs, video surveillance cameras and more. Panasonic's exclusive Panasonic Plasma Concierge customer support program is administered through its Virginia -based Call Center, recognized as a Certified "Center of Excellence" by the Center for Customer -Driven Quality™ at Purdue University. For more information on Panasonic, visit the company's website at

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