Lord of the remotes: The one remote to rule them all

Here is the release of the new x10 Icon remote

Here is a great item that was sold out for the longest time and is now back by popular demand. Introducing the last remote you will ever need! Imagine a universal remote control that's very afforable yet has the capability to perform BETTER than those "high -end" overpriced brands.

The iconRemote is a Universal Remote Control from X10 that completely changes the way you interact with your home entertainment system. The iconRemote features an innovative learning function which allows it to learn commands from other remote controls.

The way it works is simple. Just take one of your old remotes, hold it end to end with the iconRemote, and press the key that you want to learn. It's that easy. You can even use it to control all the functions on your old tape deck - play, pause, fast forward, rewind - this remote does it all.

The Universal Remote is nothing new. In fact, you may even already own one. The whole idea behind the Universal Remote is convenience. Now, X10 is taking that convenience one step further with its iconRemote Universal Remote Control. Many of the higher end remotes are somewhat complicated and don't always function the way you would like. In some cases, they simply do not control everything with ease and you often end up using some of your original remotes for various functions.

Watching a movie at home can be a somewhat dull experience, especially without all the pulse -pounding sound effects and soaring musical scores you get at the theaters. That's why I rely so heavily on my stereo. With other Universal Remotes, in order to adjust the volume while I'm watching a movie, I'd need to switch from DVD mode to Auxiliary mode. Not so with the iconRemote. With its innovative Punchthrough feature, I can determine how various keys work in various modes. For example, I can use the iconRemote to control my television, and if I need to adjust the volume on my stereo, I can do so, all without the need to go from TV mode to Auxiliary mode.

How does Punchthrough work? Simply press the "home" button on your iconRemote, then select "setup," then select, "advanced," and then, "punchthrough." Then select the device you want to setup Punchthrough for. From there, you determine which keys do what on your iconRemote.

With the "Smart Macros" feature, I can perform multiple commands at the same time. For example, one touch turns on the TV, DVD player, plays the DVD and turns on the surround sound, too! I have another macro set up to turn on the stereo receiver, set it to the CD input, and play the CD player, all with one button. With Smart Macros, I set up all sorts of different tasks that used to require multiple remotes. Now, it's much easier to watch that DVD.

The iconRemote has the ability to condense all of your remote controls into one! Featuring one of the largest code libraries in the world, the iconRemote can control televisions, DVD players, VHS players, cable tuner boxes, satellite tuner boxes, DVRs, Tivo, home theatre systems, video gaming consoles, stereo systems and more.

Features of the iconRemote:

FAVORITES: Have the ability to add all of your favorite channels under your own personal settings! And a great thing about this? You can set up special groups of all of your favorite categories or for individual family members! Now each family member has the ability to watch what they want when they want - - and by using the icon of their favorite channels to flip directly to it, meaning you skip the channels you don't want and only watch the channels you do want! [learn more]

LEARNING: Then iconRemote has the ability to learn any remote! You simply place the remote to learn at the learning sensor towards the base of the iconRemote and it'll instantly learn any code that you want it to! Learn any remote, no matter the device! [learn more]

PUNCHTHROUGH: Now you'll never have to waste time switching between devices because the iconRemote has got you covered! Have the remote set to DVD mode but want to increase the volume on the television? You can program the iconRemote to react accordingly while set on any mode! [learn more]

MACROS: Simplify your electronic experience with MACRO function! Your remote is a "smart remote" where you can program any or all of your electronic devices to react at the press of a button. Want your home theatre system, television, and DVD player to turn on when you press the power button? It's easy with the iconRemote! [learn more]

All Your Favorite Channels at your Fingertips: From CBS to PBS with no BS!

I used to spend a lot of time scanning through channels that I didn't even watch. I was sick and tired of skipping through 30 channels to get from NBC to CNN. (And who can remember all the channel numbers?) But then I found the amazing new iconRemote Universal Remote control from X10!

With the iconRemote, channel surfing has never been easier! I set all my favorite channels with the cool "Favorite Channels" feature and all the familiar icons for my favorite channels are displayed right on the full color LCD screen. When I want to change to ESPN, I just push the button next to the ESPN icon and my TV instantly changes channels. It'll store up to 100 favorite channels for each user. I never have to remember what channel CNN is, because the iconRemote remembers everything for me!

I setup separate pages for each of my interests. I have one for my Sports Favorites, one for my News Favorites, and one for my Movie Favorites. There's even a way to edit the text on the icons, which is nice for saving multiple channels from the same network. For example, I have one icon for HBO and a different one for HBO HD. It's easy to use and setup.

And, I created custom profiles for each member of the family. Convenient "HIS" and "HERS" buttons make it easy to switch from my favorites to my wife's, and with 10 custom profiles, everyone has their own custom channels. A feature I admire.

I also set up profiles for each of my children. And with the Kid Safe feature, I can set the channels my kids are allowed to watch. This is something that even the high end remotes I have owned cannot do.

This remote is ultimately a great buy. For less than $80.00 at x10captain.com, you get the remote control, free FedEx shipping within the US, a 30 day money back guarantee and one year of support for this great deal. As a recommendation only, if you sign up for a free newsletter, you get a free $15.00 gift certificate and free ebook on home automation/ security.

Featured Product

ELK Products -C1M1 Dual-Path Alarm Communicators with Remote Services

ELK Products -C1M1 Dual-Path Alarm Communicators with Remote Services

C1M1 offers a truly significant reduction in transmission time in comparison to other communicators that rely on dial capture or data bus decoding. This can result in quicker response time to emergency situations which could save lives and assets. By providing both IP and cellular pathways, C1M1 provides the reliability installers are looking for in an alarm communicator. C1M1 eliminates port forwarding and extra fees for remote access. Installers can remotely upload/download programming changes to M1 controls over IP or cellular using ElkRP2. Consumers can control the M1 remotely via the free ElkLink mobile app and web portal, as well as eKeypad and M1 Touch Pro apps. Other IP-based software and interface partners can connect to the M1 control over the local network through C1M1. C1M1 also provides email/text notifications for arm, disarm, and alarm events. ELK-C1M14GSM supports GSM (AT&T/T-Mobile) networks and ELK-C1M1CDMA supports CDMA (Verizon) networks.