For new TiVo users in Canada, WeaKnees.com offers an upgraded Humax Series 2 TiVo with DVD Burner which can store up to 900 hours of programming, as well as a dual-tuner TiVo DVR (without a DVD burner) that can record up to 1,800 hours.

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WeaKnees.com Offers Additional Hard Drive Capacity For Canadian TiVo Customers

Los Angeles, CA ‚Ä" Now that the TiVo¬® Series 2 Dual Tuner DVR (Digital Video Recorder) units are available at retailers throughout Canada, new subscribers will start to enjoy the benefits of recording and viewing television shows at their convenience. But true television enthusiasts and households sharing one TiVo will soon discover that the storage offered in the standard TiVo DVR isn't sufficient for all of their favorite programs. The TiVo Series 2 Dual Tuner DVR's limited capacity can especially cause problems for sports fans that enjoy saving games for repeated viewings, or for those who prefer watching recorded shows at a higher recording quality, which demands more hard drive space. For example, a dual -tuner, 80 -hour TiVo DVR sold at retail will only record roughly 20 hours at the best recording quality.

To accommodate these new capacity -hungry TiVo consumers in Canada, weaKnees.com offers an upgraded Humax Series 2 TiVo with DVD Burner which can store up to 900 hours of programming, as well as a dual -tuner TiVo DVR (without a DVD burner) that can record up to 1,800 hours. WeaKnees upgraded TiVos can record programming from satellite as well as digital and analog cable. In addition, the Humax TiVos can record over -the -air broadcasts from a traditional antenna. All TiVo DVRs from WeaKnees come with a full warranty.

'The introduction of TiVo DVRs in Canada is a great opportunity for consumers to discover TiVo's exceptional user experience, interface and features, but the limited hard drive inside the Series 2 unit will leave customers wanting more,' said company co -founder Jeff Shapiro. 'For Canadian viewers wanting a higher capacity TiVo, WeaKnees offers two standard definition TiVo models, each with capacities that are magnitudes larger than the storage offered from the factory.'

For existing TiVo owners, weaKnees.com sells storage upgrade kits for all TiVo models. Each kit comes with a replacement hard drive, the tools needed for the upgrade, and a detailed, step -by -step instruction sheet on how to install the new hardware in the customer's particular TiVo model. WeaKnees.com also features a free 'Upgrade Wizard' that walks customers through the process of ordering the right hard drive for their specific model, as well as a preview of the installation instructions.

'We work extremely hard to give customers the information and materials needed for a successful, easy upgrade,' said co -founder Michael Adberg. 'For those who aren't comfortable with opening their DVR, we also provide professional installation services, enabling customers to send in their DVR for onsite hard drive upgrades. In -house upgrades are typically completed in just one or two business days.'

With fast toll -free phone, email, blog and forum support staffed by knowledgeable TiVo enthusiasts, WeaKnees is committed to maintaining their high standard of customer support and helping consumers to understand the technology before them. As one of the first companies to upgrade an Apple TV, WeaKnees is always keen on adapting with the ever -changing digital technology.

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Founded by Michael Adberg and Jeff Shapiro in 2001, WeaKnees is a Los Angeles -based company that specializes in TiVo and DVR capacity upgrade kits. The company also sells complete TiVo and DVR units and is the only authorized reseller of DIRECTV offering upgraded units. Shapiro and Adberg served as technical editors for 'Leo Laporte's Guide to TiVo' and contributed to 'TiVo Hacks' by Raffi Krikorian ‚Ä" part of the popular 'Hacks' series published by O'Reilly. Please visit www.weaKnees.com for further information about products and ordering.

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