Designed to complement a range of aesthetics, the advanced feature set of the Paradigm Studio Esprit offers multiple placement options without sacrificing sonic excellence.


Designed to complement a range of aesthetics, the advanced feature set of the Esprit offers multiple placement options without sacrificing sonic excellence.

ONTARIO, CANADA - November 29, 2007 - Paradigm Electronics Inc., an international leader in speaker design and manufacturing, introduces the Paradigm® Reference Studio Esprit L/R and Esprit C center channel, which provide unmatched flexibility and performance for on -wall applications.

Paradigm's unrelenting commitment to innovation in speaker design via in -house testing and research is in full evidence with these new Esprit models. Its state -of -the -art Studio Series v.4 technology and proprietary feature set bring to life a remarkable hybrid on -wall speaker that can be mounted, tilted, placed on a stand or shelved to serve any aesthetic without sacrificing sonic excellence.

Paradigm's proprietary ABEC™ Automatic Boundary Effects Compensation technology, the "brains" of each Esprit speaker, accommodates placement on a wall or the new high -performance GS -40 stand. When wall -mounted, the speaker's correct on -wall (Boundary Effect) response is automatically engaged to ensure natural, uncolored delivery of music and highly intelligible dialogue. When mounted on the GS -40 stand, the speaker automatically tailors sound for correct "free -air" frequency response to maintain performance.

Each Esprit model comes with adjustable wall -mounting brackets that allow for angling and tilting of the speakers. A new design element called Mirror -Imaged Channel Matching enables listeners to angle the Esprit L/R models for better imaging and a heightened sense of spaciousness, or to tilt the Esprit C center channel model up or down for optimized clarity and dialogue intelligibility. A three -way crossover design contributes to exceptional on - and off -axis dispersion, extended dynamic range and seamless timbre matching between front and center speakers and matching surround/rear speakers.

Paradigm's Reference Studio Esprit models come in a choice of wood veneers, including a cherry wood veneer inlay with silver cabinet and gray grille or a rosenut wood veneer inlay with dark gray cabinet and black grille. Paradigm also offers a lacquered piano black inlay with dark gray cabinet and black grille. The GS -40 stand for L/R models comes in silver or black and features an extruded aluminum post and weighted cast -aluminum base with decorative trim piece. Adjustable locking spikes provide stability at the base and can be replaced by rubber feet. The Esprit C comes with adjustable TV -Top/Shelf -mounting supports.

Studio Series v.4 Technologies:
• 1" (25mm) G -PAL™ Gold Anodized Pure Aluminum Domes
• 4 -1/2" (115mm) S -PAL™ Satin Anodized Pure -Aluminum Midrange Cones
• Anodized Solid -Aluminum Phase Plugs
• Two 7" (178mm) Mineral -filled Co -polymer Polypropylene Bass Cones
• Elegant Bronze -anodized Cast -Aluminum Chassis (all drivers)
• Massive Heatsinks with AVS™ Airflow Ventilation System Cooling (midrange and bass drivers)
• Phase -Coherent Precision Crossover Networks (including close -tolerance air -core inductors, high -power resistors, polypropylene capacitors)
• Proprietary IMS/SHOCK -MOUNT™ Isolation Driver Mounting System

FMV price of the Paradigm Reference Studio Esprit is $1099.

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Innovative design, advanced materials, in -house manufacturing and state -of -the -art engineering have made Paradigm® an international leader in speaker design. With more than 250 industry awards for audio excellence and numerous rave reviews from around the world, Paradigm® is committed to staying at the leading edge of speaker technology, consistently achieving the ultimate in sound for music and home theater.

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