The possibilities are limitless!

A limitless number of inputs and outputs is just one of the many unique features of Smart-e's new range of AV distribution matrices.

The 'one cable feature' that allows the transmission of HD compatible signals (up to 1080p), digital audio and power, down one cable is another distinctive benefit that is only possible with Smart -e's range of matrix switches.

UK based Smart -e Limited, which pioneered the use of CAT 5 cabling in the AV industry and is highly regarded for their innovative product range, will be showcasing the mid -range and high -end professional AV distribution SNX matrices at ISE 2008. The matrices offer an unprecedented range of switching and distribution for all formats of video, transmitting professional high quality sound and images, via CAT 5 cabling, from DVD players, set -top boxes, video cameras, laptops and PCs, to flat LCD and plasma screens, cinematic projectors, PC monitors and speakers at a distance of up to 300 metres.

The Smart -e mid -range
Designed for applications ranging from education, marine, leisure and corporate use, Smart -e's mid -range matrices are available in three main sizes:

SNX -16x32 (16 inputs and 32 outputs)
SNX -32x16 (32 inputs and 16 outputs)
SNX -32x32 (32 inputs and 32 outputs).

High -end matrices from Smart -e
Smart -e's high -end matrix range is used for a variety of applications including sports stadia, trading rooms, police and transport mission -critical control centres, where business continuity is essential. These large matrices are available in four core sizes:

SNX -32x64 (32 inputs x 64 outputs)
SNX -64x48 (64 inputs x 48 outputs)
SNX -64x128 (64 inputs x128 outputs)
SNX -128x64 (128 inputs x 64 outputs)

Feature rich
Incredibly compact and offering a wealth of control features, the entire SNX range from Smart -e combines the features of high quality video matrix with signal distribution via CAT 5 which provides a fast, reliable transmission medium that simplifies future changes . The switches support UXGA, RGBS, YUV, Y/C and CVBS and feature infrared and RS232 control passthrough, IR and RS422 matrix control options, inline power and 'plasma friendly eyes'. Local Audio Output allows direct connection to speakers, whilst the Dolby 5.1 digital audio signal feature, automatically delivers digital audio sound. The matrices also include 1080p compatibility with Blu -Ray and HD DVD equipment.

Smart -e's SNX range of distribution equipment is extremely user -friendly and offers flexible operation with different video types and control systems. To see the range in action, visit the Smart -e stand at ISE 2008, stand no. I90, between 29th and 31st January 2008, Amsterdam RAI, Holland.


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Smart -e Limited
Smart -e Limited designs and manufactures high quality audio and video distribution and switching equipment which delivers the most comprehensive and technically advanced solutions for analogue multimedia equipment over CAT (5, 5e, 6,7 and 8) structured cabling. Capitalising on its broadcasting heritage, Smart -e has a wide range of proven point -to -point, point -to -multipoint and multipoint -to -multipoint products to accommodate all formats of analogue and digital video, and audio signals, providing high performance, content rich links from DVDs, digital TVs, cameras, laptops and PCs to projectors, HDTV, PC monitors and speakers. With a thorough understanding of structured cabling and being at the forefront of audio and visual technology, the company also has an unprecedented reputation for developing innovative solutions for unique one -off projects.

Designers, specifiers and consultants from across the globe, choose Smart -e products to meet the high demands for speed and clarity. Smart -e equipment can be found in sports stadiums, exhibition centres, education environments, airports and shopping centres, as well as on cruise liners and luxury yachts, cross channel ferries and offshore platforms. Additionally, the company's equipment is used in many security environments where high quality sound and vision is critical.

The Smart -e product range is available from the company's distribution network. High level technical on -line and telephone support is provided direct from Smart -e for all equipment. For distributors and more information contact:

Smart -e Limited, Ranmore Manor, Ranmore Common, Dorking, Surrey, RH5 6SX
t: +44 (0) 1483 283365, f: +44 (0) 1483 281511, e: sales@smart, w:

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