Make Typing As Easy as ABC This Holiday Season

The New Standard Keyboard is not for people who like Qwerty. It's for people who don't like Qwerty but are forced to use it because there is no reasonable alternative. What better gift to place on your technology holiday shopping list.

Make Typing As Easy as ABC This Holiday Season

- - Ergonomic, 53 -Key, Alphabetical Keyboard from New Standard Keyboards is Great Gift for Adults, Kids, Gamers, Business, Home and School

SANTA MARIA, CA (December, 2007) - - New Standard Keyboards has a computer keyboard solution just in time for the holidays for anyone who wants to touch type, seeks an easier, more efficient alternative, or is looking to ergonomics to make them more productive.

The California company offers two versions of its keyboards, which have only half as many keys and offer several major advances over the standard 'QWERTY' design. The professional model has a silver casing with black keys and white letters. It follows the company's first product featuring keys in seven colors of the rainbow, corresponding to keyboard functions. The color -coding aids understanding of computers as well as making it an attractive accessory.

The New Standard keyboard is almost small enough to be a stocking -stuffer, just 12 1/2 inches x 5 inches x 7/8 inch thick. This is a tiny footprint for a fully -functional keyboard and yet the design accommodates larger as well as smaller hand sizes better than ordinary keyboards. With additional pre -programmed characters that can be typed directly from the keys, it is self -contained with no driver to install and supports USB -equipped Windows PC's.

'ABC' is a sensible order for letters and the New Standard keyboard can be learned quickly. It differs from other alphabetical designs because as well as being user -friendly for beginners it is also efficient for high speed typing. On this keyboard the unique division of the alphabet into small familiar groups of letters brings additional benefits for beginners and experts alike

With a suggested retail price of $59.98, the New Standard keyboard is available from in the US, in Europe, and direct from the manufacturer at

For more information contact the company at 805 -925 -2998 or

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