Marmitek launches new DoorGuard in successful series

With the introduction of the Doorguard300 Marmitek completes the broad assortment of intercoms. An assortment which can count on growing popularity since the launch of the very first intercom, what made that this expansion was bound to come.

Marmitek's Arthur van Horssen explains: 'We noticed that the demand for intercoms for the retail market was growing. This has to do with the increasing need for safety as well as for privacy. E -mail, mobile telephone systems and Blackberry's make that we are accessible for 24 hours a day and that makes being at home without any disturbance a luxury. Being able to see who is ringing your doorbell provides us with the choice whether to open the door or not; a valuable freedom and at the same time a feeling of protection.' Where safety is the main reason for purchasing a door intercom, comfort comes as a good second. With a Marmitek system you can install, when desired, an automatic door opener on every door, which you operate with the inside unit. Needless walks to the door are a thing of the past. Furthermore, intercoms are a stylish novelty. The modern design offers a nice sight for everyone who rings your doorbell and then has to wait for the door to open.

Secretly at home
Arthur van Horssen: 'Let me give you two examples of experiences of intercom users. The doorbell rings and the children are home alone. Without the intercom it is absolutely forbidden for them to open the door. But now they can see that their aunt is waiting at the door, with a box filled with cakes as a surprise. You can imagine they can open the door for her! And what to think of unannounced visitors Friday night just when the movie is about to start? If it's the next door neighbours 'nobody's home', but if it's the neighbours from across the street, it is going to be a very pleasant evening!'

Door Intercoms are a speciality
The door intercom needs to satisfy various demands and standards and therefore developing intercoms is the work of specialists. For instance, Marmitek wants the system to be easy to install and use for anyone, but it should also be vandalism proof. The system should have several specific features, but it must not become too complicated because of all the built -in possibilities. Furthermore the intercom should be made of high -grade materials to be able to resist all kinds of weather conditions. Finally the picture - and sound quality are high -grade and completely in line with modern developments.

The category
The Marmitek door intercoms are developed for a long life and intensive use. All Marmitek intercoms meet the strict European quality standards and Marmitek offers full guarantee up to 24 months after purchase. Of course the DoorGuard300 can be expanded with an extra video screen for instance to be able to see on the second floor who is ringing your doorbell. The diversity in systems offers you the choice for a solution which perfectly fits your living situation. There is a wireless voice telephone (DoorPhone120), a door intercom for multiple outside units (M229) and a subtle doorbell camera (DoorGuard100, 300 and 400). The new DoorGuard300 can be compared to the 400 model as far as functionality and design, except the video screen is in black and white. That yields a very attractive price of only 149.00 for the camera and the monitor. Marmitek delivers another smart and attractive solution for your home with this product.

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BLE2 Series Brushless Motor & Driver

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