DisplaySearch to Discuss Blu -ray Disc/HD DVD Black Friday Results & 2008 Outlook in Upcoming Webinar

2007 Black Friday Results and 2008 Outlook Webinar on December 7 to Feature Detailed Analysis of the Week's Performance by Analysts from DisplaySearch and NPD

AUSTIN, TEXAS, November 13, 2007 - -As Black Friday 2007 approaches, the consumer electronics industry has its eyes on the battle to determine the high -definition successor to the DVD format. With HDTVs being a showcase product for both this year's and last year's Black Friday sales, now -affordable high definition players seem to be a natural complementary product for retailers to highlight. Blu -ray Disc and HD DVD players, thanks to continued price drops, are now within reach of many consumers. Which format will prove more appealing to the consumer for this year's Black Friday?

Recent prices for HD DVD players, driven by Wal -Mart, have dipped below $200. Wal -Mart's recent "Secret Sale" lowered the bar to below $100 temporarily, and was reciprocated by Best Buy and Sears. With strong results generated from these sub -$200 prices - -and with the pressure on HD DVD to tip the balance in the format war at its highest this fourth quarter - -the aggressive pricing is expected to continue for Black Friday and the rest of the holiday season. How will Blu -ray Disc, with hardware in the $400 -500 price range, respond to these pricing developments? Will HD DVD close the gap on Blu -ray by offering continued low pricing backed by deep inventory? Will consumers find Blu -ray Disc's greater number of HDTV bundling offers and the greater number of CE companies backing the format a safer and more appealing bet?

The Playstation 3 has led in driving Blu -ray Disc penetration, and with the recent release of a more affordable $399 40GB model, it looks to be a strong component of the Blu -ray Black Friday strategy. On the HD DVD side of the console equation, the Xbox 360 HD DVD accessory has proven a strong performer, typically outselling Blu -ray stand -alone players. How aggressively will Playstation 3 deals be pushed alongside stand -alone Blu -ray players? Will the Xbox 360 HD DVD drive receive a strong push, or will Toshiba's stand -alone HD DVD players be the focus of this holiday season?

Wal -Mart took the lead in reaching the sub -$200 and sub -$100 price points, generating the largest weekend of single -vendor HD DVD player sales in the format's history. How will traditional CE retailers like Best Buy and Circuit City react to Wal -Mart's influential foray into the high definition player market? With Wal -Mart in the game and providing a substantial boost to HD DVD's fortunes, how will Blu -ray work with both Wal -Mart and CE retailers to counter this development? Will the Playstation 3 again prove to be Blu -ray's ultimate trump card across all CE retailers?

Find out what happened by attending the 2007 Black Friday Results and 2008 Outlook Webinar on December 7, featuring detailed analysis of the week's performance by analysts from DisplaySearch and NPD. Both CE and PC industries will be covered, reviewing what happened the week of Black Friday and the potential impact on Q4'07 and Q1'08 sales and beyond.

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