Prestigious 6Sight Conference Showcasing FogScreen Projection Screen Technology

Innovative Walk-Through Projection Screen on Display November 7-9 in Monterey, CA

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. - November 7, 2007 - FogScreen, Inc., creators of the world's first walk -through projection screen made of "dry" fog, today announced that its products will be showcased at the 6Sight® - Future of Imaging conference in Monterey, CA. This world -renowned, executive conference will feature the brightest stars in the digital imaging and visual communications industries, making it an ideal fit for FogScreen's futuristic technology.

"FogScreen embodies the technological innovation embraced by 6Sight," said Alexis Gerard, President of Future Image and Chair of the 6Sight conference. "We are constantly looking for fresh and creative ways to visually enhance the user experience. FogScreen continues to do just that by captivating audiences in ways never before possible."

The FogScreen One™ (one meter) and Inia™ (two meter) are creating enhanced visual experiences for audiences everywhere. The one -meter -wide screen is seamlessly linkable with additional FogScreen One projection units. The screen is also available as a standalone, two -meter unit. Utilizing patented technology to create a thin layer of fog that is cool and dry to the touch, the environmentally safe device will be on display for 6Sight's technological aficionados.

"6Sight is an ideal setting for us to showcase the FogScreen projection screen," said Jorden Woods, President of U.S. Operations at FogScreen. "With images that 'literally float in the air,' FogScreen is constantly pushing the boundaries of imaging, visual perception and the line between reality and fantasy. The 6Sight Conference will allow us to showcase our technology alongside other forward -thinking companies committed to changing the future of imaging."

Presented by Future Image Inc. and the Photo Marketing Association (PMA), the 2007 edition of the 6Sight conference will focus on the explosive global spread of imaging technology, and its potential for exciting new opportunities to improve people's lives in the personal, work and community spheres. The annual event brings together technologists, marketers, futurists, artists, educators, customers and members of the media for a program emphasizing innovative use cases, breakthrough technologies and creativity. For more information, visit

About 6Sight® The Future of Imaging
6Sight®, The Future of Imaging, is an executive -level conference that explores the transformative impact of recent and forthcoming imaging technologies on businesses, homes, and communities. Technologists, marketers, futurists, artists, educators, high -volume users, and members of the media come together annually to preview breakthrough technologies, envision innovative uses, and spark new ideas and alliances that promote the interests of the participating companies and the industry as a whole. The program emphasizes interactivity, rich media presentations and high -level connections among participants. 6Sight was created by Future Image Inc., an independent center of expertise on imaging technology and publisher of The Future Image Report, and is co -produced with the Association of Imaging Executives™ (AIE™), a PMA ® member association of photo imaging leaders who shape the strategic growth of the global imaging industry.

About FogScreen, Inc.
FogScreen, Inc., provides an innovative and award -winning projection screen technology that creates magical experiences and stunning visual effects that "wow" and captivate audiences. Its patented technology creates the world's first "walk -through" projection screen. With the use of ordinary tap water and digital technology, FogScreen projection screen enables projected images to literally float in the air, creating a brand new medium to captivate and fascinate audiences. The highly innovative yet simple -to -use product has been utilized to enhance product launches, trade shows, live entertainment, nightclubs, museums, theme parks and even private parties. FogScreen has won numerous honors, including the Best Special Effect by the Club World Awards. Select customers include Disney, Nokia, 20th Century Fox, Harrah's, Victoria's Secret, P&G, Motorola, Sony, Siemens, Microsoft and many others. For more information, visit

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