ReQuest adds great new features to their Award -Winning iQ Multi -Room Music System

BMB Electronics BV today announced the launch of 4 sought-after new sets of features to the award winning ReQuest iQ Multi-Room Music System.

BMB Electronics BV, Europe's leading supplier of Custom and Home AV solutions and the exclusive European Mainland Distributor for ReQuest Inc, today announced the launch of 4 sought -after new sets of features to the award winning ReQuest iQ Multi -Room Music System.

1. Streaming Audio:
Fully integrated streaming audio takes the form of two additional, dedicated sources, over and above the four music -server "sources" already included in the iQ product. This makes the Intelligent Music System the first server -based whole -house solution to offer six independent music sources out of the box, ready for plug -and -play enjoyment in up to eight rooms or zones. Users may stream any of the thousands of MP3 Internet -audio 'radio' sources scattered across the Web, simply by entering the URL or IP address; "stations" can then be identified by an attached icon, or an image such as album -cover art or a user -selected photo, for easy graphical access from the iQ system's in -wall and freestanding touch screen controllers. And of course, either or both streaming source can be enjoyed from any or all of the Intelligent Music System's rooms or zones.

2. Wi -Fi 2 way 'Freedom' Remote:
The ReQuest Freedom application software instantly converts any Nokia N800 "Internet Tablet" to a handheld controller with full command over an iQ system, using the familiar commands, graphics, and icons of the ReQuest TS35 in -wall touch panel controller.

The ReQuest Freedom solution transforms a Nokia N800 handheld tablet into a full colour WiFi controller for iQ. The user simply inserts the Freedom SD card into the N800's slot, runs the included installer, and is immediately ready to enjoy a pocketable, portable, full -function iQ System touchscreen commander. The Freedom/N800 communicates via 802.11b/g WiFi in a home network, and then to the iQ Intelligent Music System, delivering full control in every way. And since Freedom utilizes precisely the same software and graphics underpinnings as ReQuest's own TS.35 three -inch in -wall touchpanel controller, new owners will find themselves already familiar with its simple and intuitive user interface.

Freedom delivers full control of rooms, internal and external sources, volume, and media -selection, via the interface identical to the iQ.TS35 in -wall panel -no stylus required. Up to four Freedom/N800 clients can access an iQ System.

3. On Screen information 'Widgets':
ReQuest iQ now offers four new built -in 'widgets' that automatically access the network and internet to provide information throughout the home.

These free programs deliver stock, weather, webcam, and calendar information to the iQ's touchscreen system -controllers, including the freestanding 15 -inch TS.15 and the in -wall, 3.5 -inch TS.35. These 'Widgets' are small, interactive software programs that run on the iQ Intelligent Media Server and can be viewed and controlled from any room or zone equipped with a ReQuest touchscreen, tabletop touchscreen controller, and computer.

Stock Ticker allows users to view and monitor their selected equities, funds, or other investments, with automatically updated information.

WebCam (available via the 15 -inch TS.15 Touchscreen only) lets iQ owners add up to six individually named webcams, monitoring locations around their property or around the world. What's more, any publicly available webcam can be integrated into the display too.

Weather Display live/updated two -day weather forecast for any location in the world with graphical conditions and a high/low temperature display.

Calendar Displays a browseable calendar and screensaver.

The user simply selects a widget from the icon strip visible along the bottom of either screen. Any of the four different widgets can run simultaneously on different screens, and of course have no impact on music streaming.

4. Legacy Source Control
Another new ReQuest option, the iQ.NIRE Network IR Extender brings iQ Intelligent Music System retroactive access to older components that rely on non -networked infrared (IR) protocols. For IR control of conventional components such as cable boxes or CD players, the ReQuest Network IR Extender provides three IR "blaster" outputs that deliver IR commands to multiple components. Commands originate from the iQ server and travel in IP format over the home network cabling to the ReQuest IR Extender. Programming IR commands is easy and intuitive, using pre -built templates and commands, with the result that even classic older components can participate smoothly and intelligently in an iQ system.

All these great new ReQuest iQ system features are available and in stock now.

ReQuest is represented on the European Mainland by the BMB Electronics group who also distribute Niles, Xantech, Tributaries, Planet Waves, X10, TruAudio, Universal Remote Control, Key Digital, CLO systems, Xperinet, Amina and Channel Plus, and also Atlantic Technology, Luxom, TRIAD, Terra, NuVo, Sherbourn, and Lumagen, in specific countries.

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