Ridgefield, NJ (November 5, 2007) - At the upcoming EHX Expo in Long Beach, California, projectiondesign will demonstrate the speed and power behind its new high -performance Action! Model 30 1080 as the exclusive DLP® projector in the Immersive Gaming Demo Room (Room #101B).

Already the leading manufacturer of advanced DLP projectors for residential home theater, business and eCinema, the Action! M30 1080 projector significantly raises the bar for home entertainment theaters and large -screen gaming applications.

The new technology effectively responds to gamer concerns about the typical processing lag with front projection. Predictions are that visitors to the gaming demo room will be blown away with the picture quality and performance.

"They were right and we listened. Those worries are over," asserts projectiondesign, LLC President Gary Plavin. "The Action! M30 1080 offers remarkably quick processing performance and still delivers maximum depth and clarity."

The M30 benefits from 10 -bit resolution electronics built into all projectiondesign projectors - and that includes additional High -Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) 1.3 inputs. HDMI 1.3 video gives M30 users more bandwidth, increased refresh rates, support for color depths of up to 16 bits, and even supports the new extended gamut color space.

Extended gamut compatibility (xvYCC), the international standard for wide color space in video applications thanks to newly developed high -resolution signal processing, means Action series projectors can truly replicate original quality in the video signals.

In addition to employing Texas Instruments BrilliantColor™ technology, the Action! M30 1080 uses patented projectiondesign DuArchTM illumination architecture featuring dual lamps, dual seven -segment color wheels and light formatters. This one -two technological punch delivers full -resolution, lifelike images for cinematic realism and depth that knocks out any other DLP® projector.

Action! M30 1080 is the first true HD single chip DLP front projector using the 0.95" 1080p DarkChip3 (DC3TM ) DMDTM advantage. Users see true, native, uncompressed, 1920 x 1080p 24 -segmented frame video resolution HDTV like no other projector. If that's not enough, this baby can be fully networked and is Crestron/AMX -compatible.

This projector offers infinite customizing of output brightness. Each lamp's power is individually adjustable allowing brightness to be tweaked from 500 to 2500 ANSI Lumens, plenty for even the largest screens.

The Action! M30 1080's unique optical design, extreme level of horizontal and vertical lens shifting, and choice of up to six bayonet -mount lenses provide the ultimate in installation flexibility and user adaptability.

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Headquartered in Fredrikstad, Norway, projectiondesign is a worldwide leader in advanced, high -performance DLP -based projection solutions for challenging applications in professional, business, home cinema and eCinema markets. Its award -winning, innovative technology is distinguished by numerous industry milestones including the introduction of the world's first single -chip SXGA DLP projector in 2002, the world's first single -chip SXGA+DLP in 2004 and the world's brightest single -chip SXGA+DLP in 2004.

Additional information on our entire line of home cinema projectors can be obtained by contacting Gary Plavin at projectiondesign, 1121 Edgewater Ave., Unit #4, Ridgefield, NJ 07657 (Tel: 800 -298 -4508) or by visiting

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