Tributaries® Plugs In Flexible New Power Strip

Tributaries® today introduced their latest product -an innovative new AC power strip, the Tributaries® PWRS-T10.

Orlando, FL -October 2007 -Tributaries®, the Florida -based company that has established itself as a clear leader in the value -high -end segment of the audio -video custom -installation cable and accessories marketplace, today introduced their latest product -an innovative new AC power strip, the Tributaries® PWRS -T10.

In a single compact, attractive unit, the PWRS -T10 offers the peace of mind that comes only with highly effective surge suppression and noise filtering for AC power, and signal -line protection for telecomm (RJ -11), network (RJ -45), and cable, antenna, and satellite (F -connector) signals.

The PWRS -T10 also offers great convenience, thanks to the unique swivel action of 5 of its 10 outlets, which permits exceptional flexibility in accommodating bulky AC plugs -plus the ability to see at a glance whether the unit's MOVs are functioning, and therefore fully protecting the connected equipment.

Every bit as important, the Tributaries® PWRS -T10 delivers high -level protection from surge, overvoltage, and powerline noise or electromagnetic interference. Surge protection is employed across all three legs of the AC circuit, with voltage -spike protection to 6 kilovolts and peak current -spike handling up to 192 kiloamps. EMI noise filtering extends up to 58dB of power -cleaning suppression over a range of 150kHz to 100MHz.

The PWRS -T10's single -line telecomm, network, and coax protections each accept 1 -in/1 -out connections, and incorporate well -engineered, high -performance, low -loss protection.

The new PWRS -T10's power sockets are laid out in two rows of 5 three -prong outlets each. One row is fixed, with integral safety shutters; each outlet in the other row can be rotated up to 90 to allow (for example) every other plug to be approached from the strip's edge rather than from its top, and thus permitting the connection of multiple bulky power -supply modules without them interfering with each other.

The PWRS -T10 also incorporates a pair of blue LEDs that indicate the "OK" status of its surge -protection components and of the house -wiring grounding. Rated for heavy duty at 15 amps for up to 1875 watts of load, the PWRS -T10 offers plenty of coverage for an entire high -performance home theater system.

The Tributaries® PWRS -T10 power -strip is equipped with a fixed, high -quality, three -prong IEC power cord, comes with one each telephone, network, and coaxial (F -connector) cables, and features a $25,000 warranty on connected equipment and a three -year warranty on parts and labor.

The PWRS -T10 is available now, with an MSRP of $80.

About Tributaries®
Established in 1991 in Orlando, Florida, Tributaries® is an acknowledged leader in the design, production, and distribution of high -quality audio and video interconnect cables, speaker wires, accessories, and electronics. The company prides itself on its customer service, and has won the CE industry magazine Inside Track Supplier Loyalty Awards a total of ten times in the past eleven years.

Tributaries® is a wholly owned subsidiary of Gordon J. Gow Technologies, Inc.

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