Powerline Control Systems Inc. Launches PulseWorx® Generation II Lighting Controls

The Next Generation System Showcases Enhanced Communication and Features With a Money-Back Guarantee

Northridge, CA (October 15, 2007) - PCS (Powerline Control Systems, Inc.), the inventor and leading developer of the ultra -reliable two -way UPB technology, announced today the launch of its second generation of PulseWorx lighting controls. Termed PulseWorx Generation II, this set of improvements to the already reliable PulseWorx product line is so significant that PCS now offers it with a Money -Back Guarantee.

Recent improvements to the UPB powerline technology ensure that PulseWorx Generation II products communicate reliably over the existing wiring even in noisy and attenuated power environments. The addition of a Split -Phase Repeater to the product line guarantees that Generation II products function reliably even in the most hostile situations.

"The last thing an integrator wants is to install a powerline based system in a residence and then have to go back several times to get it to work reliably." said Marshall Lester, CEO for PCS. "We feel so confident with the innovations in our Generation II products and in the UPB technology that we now offer a money back guarantee."

Also offered in PulseWorx Generation II is a set of new features that address customer requests. Auto -Off allows the load to automatically shut off after a preset period of time. LED Presets allow keypad buttons to better track the state of the lights with their LEDs. The response time between tapping a rocker and affecting a light has been significantly decreased. The ability to activate a flashing "alarm" scene has been added. Additionally, the look of the PulseWorx product line has been modernized with cool blue LEDs.

PulseWorx is a highly flexible and scalable control system designed for use in any home. It runs on PCS' ultra -reliable patented UPB (Universal Powerline Bus) technology. UPB is answering the call for a lower cost control system that provides an alternative to expensive proprietary and hardwired control systems, which makes them perfect for existing home retrofit and remodel situations, as well as new construction. It streamlines the dealer installation process and makes it less time consuming and more cost -efficient to complete.

"Gen II meets what I think is the most demanding product principle in our industry - it just works; the pricing is very fair, but most importantly the reliability is where it needs to be. We have seen our profit margins increase with fewer hours on the job, definitely a product you can count on." Said Gerry Lynch, President, System 7, Topsfield, MA.

The PulseWorx product line is sold through a network of dealers and distributors. It is comprised of dimmer switches, keypads, plug -in modules, home controllers, and interface devices, all backed with an industry leading Money -Back Guarantee.

For more information, visit www.PulseWorx.com or call 888.701.9831.
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About PCS (Powerline Control Systems, Inc.)
Powerline Control Systems has been developing and manufacturing top -of -the -line lighting and electrical control devices for the residential and commercial markets since 1992. PCS provides a complete range of products under the PulseWorx® brand, such as keypads, home controllers, dimmers, switches and custom -designed electrical control devices; powered by the UPB (Universal Powerline Bus) patented technology, the latest innovation from the PCS design team. PCS has received numerous awards from both industry organizations and the media, including Product of the Year and CEPro magazine's Top 50 Editor's Pick. www.PulseWorx.com

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