The leading HD audio download service now works with the hottest gear from many of the industry's leading manufacturers.

Incline Village - October 11, 2007 - MusicGiants, the leader in HD downloads, announces that it has forged a variety of partnerships with significant hardware vendors in the CEDIA channel that cement its standing as the leading download service for high -definition digital recordings. In addition to its collaboration with brands like Niveus Media, MusicGiants has added Logitech, Qsonix, and Integra to the mix, as well as distributor, ADI.

"These relationships are proof positive that MusicGiants has arrived as the go -to service for hardware manufacturers and end users who are looking for uncompromised, high -quality audio to bring their cutting -edge home entertainment systems alive," says Scott Bahneman, CEO of MusicGiants. "We are pleased to announce today that we are working with many of the custom installation industry's leading manufacturers and we look forward to forging many more partnerships as the momentum behind our service continues to build."

Logitech: MusicGiants' HD Music Store is fully compatible with Logitech's two new network digital music players for the home: the Logitech® Transporter Network Music Player and the Logitech® Squeezebox Network Music Player. The Transporter streams audiophile -quality digital music with sound that surpasses even the most exotic compact disc players, while the third -generation Squeezebox is the easiest way to listen to music stored on Macs and PCs as well as virtually any Internet radio station through a stereo system. Both Logitech music players seamlessly stream MusicGiants' high -definition audio content to anywhere in the house.

Qsonix: Solidly committed to audio fidelity, Qsonix models feature high -quality components, D/A converters and digital playback technology to deliver the highest possible sound output quality. The alignment with MusicGiants is a natural fit. Qsonix customers can now take advantage of Qsonix's award winning Album Browser™ graphical -interface to browse, purchase and enjoy high -definition CD quality music downloaded directly from Music Giants HD store. Qsonix also handles automated import of MusicGiants Concierge music collections. On top of a reputation earned for owning the easiest user interface on the market, Qsonix is also a storage powerhouse. Users can store up to 18,000 CDs and continue to experience unblemished sound.

Integra: Integra designs and manufactures premium Home Theater receivers, processors, amplifiers, and DVD players that are specifically designed to meet the needs of custom audio/video systems installers. Integra has introduced the THX Ultra2 Certified DTR -8.8, a high -end A/V receiver designed specifically to meet the needs custom installation professionals. It features HDMI v. 1.3a switching, HQV Reon -VX video processing, complete 7.1 -channel processing including onboard decoding for lossless and HD audio formats, XM, SIRIUS, and HD Radio compatibility and an extensive suite of multi -zone/multi -source and system integration control features. Integra's DTR -8.8 also Integra's first receiver to feature Microsoft's PlaysForSure Certification which incorporates a number of features for integration with a home network and digital audio sources.

Niveus Media: Niveus' Windows Vista -based media centers (including the Summit Series, Rainier and Denali Editions, and Pro Series n4, n7, and n9) feature the HD Media Store portal, which provides direct access to MusicGiants' high -definition 2.0 and 5.1 surround sound Windows Media Audio (WMA) Lossless music downloads. The HD Media Store enables customers to easily browse, purchase, and download content from MusicGiants direct to their Niveus Media Server. Purchased content is automatically catalogued with the existing music collection, creating a uniformed and encompassing library that is accessible through the Windows Media Center "Music" menu.

Also on board are the distributors who handle the products of MusicGiants' hardware partners. "ADI is pleased to help bring this technology to the custom electronics market, and add value to our dealers," said RJ Hirshkind, product manager for residential and commercial A/V at ADI. "By providing these preloaded solutions that are compatible with MusicGiants' service, we are making it easy for dealers to deliver complete solutions including great hardware and superb content to their customers."

MusicGiants launched in 2005 and is the only music download service to offer high -definition, digital recordings from all of the top music companies such as Concord Music Group, EMI Music, Sony BMG Music Entertainment, Universal Music Group, and Warner Music Group. MusicGiants' use of the WMA lossless format provides up to seven times the sound quality of any other download service. MusicGiants also offers Super HD downloads which play in Windows Media player at rates up to 11,000 kbps.

Any PC running Windows XP or Vista or any device that supports Windows Media Audio Lossless and Windows Media DRM can play any file that is downloaded from the MusicGiants store. Price per download is $1.29.

Visit and access the MusicGiants store through Windows Media Player 11 or MusicGiants' HD Music Store located at

MusicGiants delivers high definition entertainment from all of the giants of the industry. Our HD media store is integrated into all of the top media servers for convenient delivery of premium HD content. MusicGiants is the perfect companion for home audio systems and anywhere else that sound quality matters. For more information on MusicGiants visit

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