ProSyst Celebrates 10th Anniversary

Starting as a Java pioneer in 1997, the company has become a global market leader in OSGi - related technology and services

Cologne, October 1, 2007 - Ten years ago this month, ProSyst Software GmbH ( was founded on the idea that object -oriented programming and Java technology could be combined and commercialized as software components to help corporate customers to create the next generation of smart software applications and services.

Since its founding in 1997, ProSyst has expanded from a handful of people in a small office in Cologne to a multinational company serving corporate customers across the world. ProSyst's technology fulfills a critical role in embedded devices from companies spanning multiple vertical industries. With more than 120 employees in three countries, ProSyst has become a recognized market leader in this field.
ProSyst's product offerings have evolved significantly as well. From its origins as a EJB/J2EE software tools and application server vendor, the company now offers OSGi component platforms for embbeded devices like its mBedded Server and a line of extensions for vertical markets such as Mobile Phones, Smart Home, and Automotive Telematics. ProSyst´s leadership in OSGi technology was solidified through its invention of the mPower Remote Manager six years ago and, just recently, the company's product portfolio was strengthened by its Open Source offerings.
ProSyst has pioneered the concept of OSGi as one of the first members of the Alliance in 1999 combining open, flexible and modular component based software with commercial off -the -shelf technologies - to offer engineers standardized approach to creating more efficient and customizable solutions. Since then the company is entirely focussed on that technology and most actively involved in helping to create the OSGi specifications R1 - R4 to consistently provide its users with new features. Dr. Susan Schwarze from ProSyst is a board member of the OSGi Alliance and VP Marketing. Kai Hackbarth from ProSyst is the Requirements Chair for the OSGi Alliance, the interim Chair of the Vehicle Expert Group and the Chair of the End -to -End solution committee.
"We built this business from scratch and turned ProSyst into a prosperous company that holds a unique position in a strong growing market. So, this anniversary is a very happy milestone for us," said ProSyst CEO Thomas Hott. "Our uncompromising focus on open standards and on the needs of our customers combined with our commitment to technical excellence have been and will continue to be the key pillars of our strategy. This, along with the passion and dedication of our highly knowledgeable employees will continue to fuel our company's growth and we look forward to many more years of innovation and success."
mBedded Server, the company's flagship product, that was initially launched in 2000, is a high performance, low footprint OSGi R4 implementation with many interesting add -ons.
Based on open standards from Java, OSGi and OMA specifications, ProSysts mPower Remote Manager is a highly scalable remote management system geared to manage OSGi frameworks, e.g. running on in -vehicle systems, and enabling dynamic deployment of services and applications after manufacturing. Those new components can be remotely installed, started, stopped, updated on the fly, removed, re -installed, etc.
In addition, ProSyst today offers an optimisation tool for embedded Java, the ProSyst JProfiler, that also comes as an Eclipse plug -in.
ProSyst continued to grow by offering additional Java -related services in the last couple of years. These services include Training, Custom Applications Development, Integration, Testing and Professional Support.
With a dedicated executive team that (partly) has led the software company since its founding ten years ago, ProSyst's anniversary not only exemplifies its stability and continuous expansion, but it is also a celebration of commitment to its employees as well as its customers.
"We look back with gratitude for the support we have received from our loyal customers, and from the OSGi community as a whole," said Daniel Schellhoss, founder & Executive VP of ProSyst Software. "Listening to our customers assured our success. The relationships we formed over the years with our friends and customers have provided us with valuable feedback that has enabled us to continually enhance our offerings and become industry's leading provider for OSGi technology and services. By applying our expertise in the ubiquitous middleware to our customers' industries, we have been, and are still, able to develop solutions powerful enough to meet or exceed their most demanding and time -critical performance and feature requirements."
"What sets us apart in the industry is our ability to support a wide variety of vertical markets and platforms, our superior architecture, and our responsive support team," added Dr. Dimitar Valtchev, CTO of ProSyst. "ProSyst has utilized its 10 years of experience and research to build the best solutions in the OSGi market. Because we own and create our code we are able to fix and enhance it easily and to build customized solution around it."

Looking to the future, ProSyst aims to continue to provide an innovative, lightweight, standards -compliant, secure and easy -to -use component platform for all kinds of devices and use cases.

About ProSyst
ProSyst offers client and server side OSGi service platforms as well as the development of generic and custom applications. Manufacturers and service providers use the OSGi -based and certified technology from ProSyst to dynamically extend, manage and secure platforms and to enable the creation of applications and functions as simple, interoperable, sharable components.
ProSyst offers products and services for all vertical markets that use OSGi technology, such as Mobile Devices, Smart Home, Automotive, Enterprise and industrial applications.
ProSyst customers include Alcatel, Alpine, BMW, Bosch, Bombardier, CA, Cisco, Epson, GM, HP, ICW, Johnson Controls, Motorola, Miele, Nokia, Philips, SAP, Siemens, Telefónica, Telstra and Thales Alenia Space, and many more.
The company was founded in 1997. Headquartered in Cologne, Germany ProSyst operates additional offices in Sofia, Bulgaria and Seoul, Korea. ProSyst is a privately held company and employs 120+ Java/OSGi engineers. Contact ProSyst on the Web at

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