Anchor Bay Launches Industry's First THX Certified Video Processor for Home Theater Systems

New HDMI 1.3-Enabled VP50PRO Features Mosquito Noise Reduction, Fine Detail Enhancement, and Edge Enhancement Technologies

LOS GATOS, Calif. - Oct. 1, 2007 - Anchor Bay, a leading supplier of video processing systems and video processing semiconductors (ASICs), today announced that its DVDO® iScan™ VP50PRO, the world's first video processor for home theater systems to be certified by THX, is now shipping. As the new flagship video processor in the DVDO iScan family, the VP50PRO is also the first and only HDMI 1.3 -enabled video processor on the market.

The DVDO® iScan™ VP50PRO marks the debut of three new Anchor Bay Video Reference Series™ (VRS™) technologies: Mosquito Noise Reduction, Fine Detail Enhancement, and Edge Enhancement, which greatly improve the quality of compressed and low -resolution content coming from STBs, DVRs, DVDs, IPTV, and other digital media devices when viewed on high -resolution/high -definition displays.

Like the award -winning VP50, the VP50PRO also features 10 -bit Precision Deinterlacing™, 10 -bit Precision Video Scaling™ up to 1080p, Progressive ReProcessing™ (PReP™), Progressive Cadence Detection, and RightRate™ VRS technologies to maximize picture quality.

Setting a new standard in performance for customers, the VP50PRO is the first video processor to achieve THX certification. THX certification signifies that a product has been designed and tested to meet a series of rigorous performance standards defined by audio and video industry pioneer THX, thus helping customers identify high -quality video products.

"The VP50PRO is capable of rendering exceptional images from a wide range of HD and SD sources and content," said Michael Rudd, chief of AV architecture at THX. "As the first video processor to achieve THX certification, the VP50PRO serves as a valuable addition to any high -end home theater system."

The VP50PRO is also the first video processor to use HDMI 1.3 receiver/transmitter chips that allow users to connect other HDMI -compliant 1.3 devices that support high -definition audio formats and Deep Color™, available on some newer sources including HD -DVD, Blu -ray, and PS3. This capability allows the VP50PRO to provide customers with years of service as new source devices with this standard begin to emerge.

For added convenience, the processor's two programmable 12 -V triggers provide seamless control over devices such as projectors, screens, lifts, drapes, anamorphic lenses, and much more. In addition, the VP50PRO offers ISF C3 certification, which gives ISF calibrators the proper controls to provide their customers with optimal settings for daytime and nighttime viewing while maintaining picture accuracy regardless of the ambient light in the room.

A module with two SD/HD -SDI inputs will also be available for the VP50PRO, extending its capabilities to broadcast, pre/post -production, and prosumer applications.

"Having the VP50PRO at the heart of any high -definition video processing center guarantees customers a stunning, one -of -a -kind viewing experience," said Craig Soderquist, CEO at Anchor Bay. "As the world's first video processor to earn THX certification and to be HDMI 1.3 -enabled, the VP50PRO offers the finest video processing image quality available today, and it is creating the standard for next -generation source devices. With the addition of our exclusive Mosquito Noise Reduction and Fine Detail Enhancement technologies, customers can expect the best -possible performance from their high -resolution displays."

The DVDO® iScan™ VP50PRO is available now at an MSRP of $3,499 from DVDO -authorized resellers and distributors or direct from the Anchor Bay Web site at

More information on Anchor Bay is available at

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About Anchor Bay
Anchor Bay designs and manufactures advanced digital semiconductor and system -level solutions for next -generation digital television and high -resolution digital video products. The company's proprietary Video Reference Series™ (VRS™) technology allows Anchor Bay to offer a wide range of advanced video processing solutions that greatly improve image quality on large -screen HDTV home theater systems and other video displays. The company's product offerings include Precision Video Scaling™, Precision Deinterlacing™, Progressive Re -Processing™ (PReP™), color correction, detail enhancement, and noise reduction solutions.

Anchor Bay makes its VRS technology available in semiconductor products for OEMs and in its award -winning DVDO® iScan™ line of video processing systems for end users. The company is dedicated to providing leading -edge video technologies that will enable current and next -generation ICs and systems to deliver reference -quality images across a wide range of displays and sources. Privately held, Anchor Bay maintains its headquarters in Los Gatos, Calif.

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