On -Q/Legrand Unveils Unprecedented Full Home Audio Experience

New High Performance Keypad Delivers Fidelity Unmatched in the In-Home Audio Industry

On -Q/Legrand, the leader in home systems technology, announced today the launch of its lyriQ™ High Performance Keypad to augment its whole -house audio solution. Controlled by a universal remote and housed in a sleek decorator wall plate, the High Performance Keypad seamlessly controls audio in any room, delivering unprecedented sound fidelity.

"On -Q's High Performance Keypad allows homeowners unmatched sound quality and clarity when enjoying their favorite music throughout the entire house as well as outdoors," said Daniel Tarkoff, vice president of Engineering/Product Management for On -Q/Legrand. "This product delivers superior high fidelity music in multiple rooms, all controlled from a single enclosure, keeping the home clutter -free."

The new keypad fits perfectly into an existing lyriQ system, and can be used with the traditional lyriQ keypads for more powerful audio just where you need it. As with all On -Q Home Systems, the lyriQ Audio System lives in an out -of -the -way enclosure and runs behind the walls back to the source. Wires can be pulled at one time to every room, making installation easier and upgrading less time -consuming and expensive.

With the High Performance Keypad, On -Q/Legrand also offers two new High Performance Kits complete with the following features:
• 4x8 Multi -source module
• HP Power distribution module
• Triple and single source inputs
• Power supplies and universal remotes

The High Performance Audio Kits come complete with everything needed to install a high performance lyriQ Audio System in the home. These kits are four -source, four -zone or four -source, six -zone and feature four or six High Performance Keypads, respectively. The keypad, with its clean, high decor style, in conjunction with lyriQ's universal remote, allows for easy and stylish control of On -Q's high quality lyriQ Audio System in multiple rooms in a home.

"The High Performance Keypad is the latest addition to On -Q/Legrand's innovative lifestyle solutions," said Steve Schoffstall, vice president of Marketing. "On -Q/Legrand continues to grow and strives to bring to market innovative products to best serve our customers."

Other features of the new High Performance Keypad include:
• Enhanced performance and power with 20 W per channel (Class D)
• 40 volume steps for more precise control at both low and high volume
• Active sub -woofer support with 80 Hz low pass filter for the true 2.1 multi -room audio implementation
• Built -in plasma resilient IR target
• Simplified installation with tool -free power and speaker connections
• Increased fidelity with more bass and mid -range sound
• Integration ports for expansion with other On -Q Home Systems

About On -Q/Legrand
By combining an innovative lifestyle -solutions approach to selling home technology with elegant, award -winning products, On -Q/Legrand is the only source you need to succeed in the connected home market. Headquartered in Harrisburg, Pa., On -Q's home technology products are sold and installed through a network of distributors, dealers and residential builders. Learn more about us on the web at www.onqlegrand.com.

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