On -Q/Legrand Revolutionizes Home Communications with the Selective Call Intercom System

Convenience and Flexibility Make Next Generation Intercom a "Must Have" for Homeowners

On -Q/Legrand, the leader in home systems, announced today the launch of its Cat 5e Selective Call Intercom System, providing homeowners with unprecedented flexibility and convenience in home communication. The Selective Call Intercom System provides high quality at an affordable price and will be available for shipment in Q1 2008.

The Selective Call Intercom System enables homeowners to communicate with the entire home using the "page all" feature or selectively and privately call directly from one room to another. The system also features a "hands -free reply," so individuals can respond to a page without pressing a button. Accommodating up to 32 locations, this revolutionary intercom remains easy to use from any location due to its high resolution color LCD interface. The interface allows the user to enter customized room names, and features dynamic sorting of rooms which moves the most frequently called room to the top of the list.

The Selective Call Intercom System can support three simultaneous conversations, allowing users to communicate throughout the home in an entirely new way. For example, homeowners can monitor the baby's room, call another child for dinner and page all remaining rooms at the same time. Each unit features an innovative, high -quality microphone and speaker which provides clear, static -free sound. In addition, users can select unique, digital door tones as opposed to traditional chimes.

"On -Q/Legrand has re -invented the intercom category with the Selective Call Intercom System by adding highly innovative features and benefits not previously available on the market," said Bill Bruggemeier, product manager for On -Q/Legrand. "This system provides unprecedented convenience for both homeowners and installers."

The Selective Call Intercom is based off of On -Q's new Q -Link Communications Protocol. This revolutionary protocol enables the system to auto -discover all units, streamlining the installation process. Remote units in the home beep for identification during initial set up, allowing the installer to accurately name locations without traveling from room to room. In addition, the system features a self -healing capability which causes de -activated units to drop off without hindering the performance of the rest of the system.

Additional installation features include:
• Local mute and monitor
• Modular and scalable - System grows up to 32 rooms or locations by cascading eight location modules.
• Variable hands -free reply time - Installers can increase or decrease the hands -free reply system to meet customer preferences.
• Structured wiring -based - System requires only a single run of Cat 5 to each location
• Common mounting hardware - Locations mount in standard two -gang electrical box or low voltage bracket.

The Selective Call Intercom System will be available through On -Q and Pass & Seymour distributors in first quarter 2008.

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