Video Domain introduces MemoCam Zorro - the Foxy New Covert Camera with Digital Video Recorder

Zorro is a Covert Camera + Digital Video Recorder with dual-detection PIR / Video Motion Detection (VMD) and other powerful features packed into a small sensor case, making Zorro a serious law-enforcement ally.

Zorro is the latest member of Video Domain's award -winning MemoCam family. Like its predecessors, it looks like any standard sensor making it perfect for covert operations. But Zorro brings with it some great new features:

* Smaller and slimmer, Zorro draws less attention, with a tiny unnoticeable camera hole and LEDS invisibly situated under the front cover - better suited for covert surveillance.

* Recorded images are stored on removable mini SD cards (the most popular memory card on the market today) providing valuable benefits:
- Because the mini SD card is so small, the memory card slot is considerably smaller and hidden from view while remaining accessible to the user.
- Zorro's storage capacity can be upgraded simply by upgrading the mini SD card.
- Recorded images can be examined on any PC/pocket PC using a standard mini SD card reader.

* Zorro supports faster downloading / saving of images from the mini SD card onto your hard drive.

* Zorro is more convenient to install, without needing to open the unit.

* Zorro is also compatible with VISTA operating system.

* Zorro Megapixel model contains special filters to counterract movement streak (blur created by movement) when recording images in high resolution, so that all the details can be examined in perfect clarity.

Reliable and Secure

Zorro is a reliable and robust product that you can depend on. It contains a sophisticated algorithm for Video Motion Detection (VMD) based on Texas Instrument's DSP digital media processing platform. This advanced VMD combined with PIR significantly reduces false alarms. (It also significantly reduces storage space required.)

Image quality is high, ranging from 640x480 for standard models, to 1280x960 to the Megapixel model. Images are date and time stamped, and watermarked for integrity to meet evidential standards. Zorro is password protected, with automatic recovery after power failures.

Easy to Set Up and Use

Zorro is a mobile, solid -state plug & play device that can be deployed quickly and easily. It can remain in the field for long periods without the need for ongoing maintenance, making it perfect for surveillance purposes.

Being covert and easy to set up and use with no coax cables, it is ideal for small to medium sized businesses and homeowners, for applications where discretion is required, or for gathering information for better business operation.

It can be used to monitor who enters out -of -bound areas, the babysitter's level of attention, how many hours the cleaner worked, how many people enter the premises…and a multitude of other applications.

Zorro is designed with intuitive, user -friendly Windows/VISTA based software, with many features that can be customized for maximum efficiency.

The user can set the built -in weekly scheduler for automatic scheduled activation, choose from 5 levels of recording quality, define relevant VMD areas, define the trigger (VMD and/or PIR or external trigger), define post -alarm recording, and more.

Zorro has built -in RS -485 and video -out ports. It is supplied with a 15ft (4.5m) cable, IR remote control with panic button functionality, mini SD card and swivel mounting bracket.

Original MemoCam Technology

Zorro has been developed with the original MemoCam technology that has won prestigious SIA and IFSEC awards for excellence and innovation, with additional new features for improved functionality.

There are many MemoCam clones out there, even with similar names, but only original MemoCam products will provide all the attributes for a total system that will never let you down. Just ask all the Law Enforcement & Government agencies that depend on the MemoCam.

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