Triad, Sonance to Develop StreamNet Connected; Polk Audio to Broaden Line StreamNet Ready IP Speakers

DENVER, CO - September 5, 2007 - NetStreams™, the global leader in networked audio/video distribution based on Internet Protocol (IP), announced today that Triad® and Sonance® have chosen to license its' patent -pending StreamNet™ technology to develop IP Speakers, and that Polk Audio® would broaden its line of IP Ready speakers. Triad and Sonance's IP Speakers will embedd StreamNet technology in the product, while Polk Audio's IP Ready Speaker line additions will accept a StreamNet card (sold separately). NetStreams' patent -pending StreamNet technology enables manufacturers to deliver a complete audio and video distribution system over TCP/IP networks. StreamNet technology provides an end -to -end all digital solution with A/V signal synchronization, automatic device discovery and configuration, remote access for control, and software upgrades. All three companies will be demonstrating StreamNet Connected or StreamNet Ready speakers at the CEDIA Expo.

"Triad, Sonance, and Polk Audio are all market leaders and for them to choose StreamNet technology to bring to market their IP Speakers is a resounding endorsement of NetStreams' technological leadership in audio distribution over TCP/IP," said Kevin Reinis, NetStreams' President and CEO. "IP -Based Multi -Room Entertainment is the wave of the future and only NetStreams' StreamNet technology provides it today."

StreamNet technology was developed by NetStreams to optimize transmission of audio over an IP network. StreamNet enables speaker manufacturers to transform what is today an audio rendering device into an audio distribution system without adding any specialized new components to their product portfolio, the only addition is a network switch, available from many networking manufacturers. This truly creates a new category for the speaker manufacturer, linking them tightly into the application value chain instead of being the passive box at the end of a lot of very expensive electronics and wiring.

Triad will add the StreamNet technology to its entire line of speakers in Q1 2008, and all speakers will carry the StreamNet Connected logo. "We've explored many potential solutions on the market and we chose to license NetStreams' StreamNet technology for three compelling reasons," said Larry Pexton, President of Triad Speakers, Inc. "First, there's no question that the future of our industry is directly tied to IP networks . . . every component will soon have an IP address and NetStreams is leading the way by providing the ultimate in audio performance with their StreamNet technology. Second, by embedding StreamNet technology, we're able to deliver exceptional performance by eliminating passive filters and replacing them with active DSP -Based crossovers. Finally, our StreamNet Connected IP -Based speakers can be controlled from any third party control system on the market."

Sonance will begin developing a line of in -wall and in -ceiling speakers for use in IP audio distribution systems. The products will be brought to market in 2008 and will be compatible with both NetStreams' audio distribution systems as well as control systems from other vendors. "We believe IP audio distribution provides many benefits in the custom installation environment and we expect it to grow rapidly in acceptance. Sonance is excited to partner with NetStreams, a leading innovator in IP distribution of audio/video, to develop this technology for our loudspeakers," said Shawn Sugarman CEO of Sonance.

StreamNet Connected IP Speakers and the NetStreams' DigiLinX™ distributed architecture make for a very environmentally efficient solution - possibly the most environmentally efficient Multi -Room Audio system on the planet. The total system including the StreamNet modules therefore contains approximately 5.1 lbs of copper and contributes about 20.4 lbs of carbon dioxide gas to the environment. A similar analog system contributes some 200 lbs of carbon dioxide or about 10x more than the StreamNet connected system.

"Polk Audio was the first to market with two IP Ready Speaker models in 2006, and we are pleased to announce that we will be shipping two additional IP Ready Speaker models: the SC80ipr in -ceiling model and the SC85ipr in -wall models in November," said Al Baron, product line manager for Polk Audio. "When the NetStreams' SpeakerLinX SL250 is attached to these products, the speakers will deliver a level of performance not seen before at that price point." The two new IP Ready products will carry the StreamNet Ready logo and will feature a switch to bypass the passive crossover when the StreamNet card is inserted. Both models will replace the current SC80 and SC85 models in the Polk Audio line up.

About NetStreams
Headquartered in Austin, Texas, NetStreams delivers the Ultimate IP A/V Experience by distributing high definition audio and video over TCP/IP networks. NetStreams' products, designed for commercial and residential use, offer unprecedented levels of performance, functionality, simplicity, reliability, and expandability. By combining audio/video content, meta -data and control signals into one stream and incorporating industry standards, NetStreams solutions are a smart investment. NetStreams is enabling the future of IP A/V - today.

For additional information on NetStreams and its innovative products, please visit

About StreamNet
NetStreams' patent -pending StreamNet technology enables licensees to deliver complete IP -based audio/video distribution solutions over TCP/IP networks. StreamNet technology provides an end -to -end IP ecosystem for plug -n -play connectivity, A/V signal synchronization, high performance A/V reproduction, automatic device discovery and configuration, network control, and more. All products that carry the 'StreamNet Connected' logo are interoperable, enabling easy integration of audio/video and control products from multiple manufacturers. StreamNet provides a stable, easily expandable platform and toolset for future products and new applications. StreamNet enables manufacturers to deliver the future of A/V and IT convergence today. For more information, visit

About Triad
Established in 1982 by President Larry Pexton (a founding member of CEDIA), Triad is a steadily growing provider of complete loudspeaker solutions for multi -room residential and home theater system applications. A top choice by more than 450 CEDIA custom integrators nationwide, the company has made significant advancements in the arena of front -channel speakers, surrounds, subwoofers, distributed audio speakers via enclosed in -wall and in -ceiling and freestanding designs.

Triad defined itself in 1992 as a provider of "unique architectural audio/video solutions through innovative design and manufacturing." That mission is unchanged in 2007. The company has explicitly studied and modeled the Toyota Production System to implement its mission. The latest improvement is offering, at no extra charge, custom paint match of the grille frames and inserts in its U.S. manufactured products. Over 90% of Triad's products are manufactured daily in Portland Oregon, in a pure build -to -order operation with no work in progress and no finished goods inventory of the US built products. The company uses the finest materials, including premium MDF, drivers from the finest vendors in Northern Europe, high -grade crossover components, and the best veneer and paint finishes and grilles.

In the 2007 Inside Track Annual Supplier Loyalty Test, Triad achieved first place in its group of 16 custom installation companies in 13 of 16 parameters. Triad ranked first in product performance, product reliability, distribution policies that support specialists, obtainable profit margins, tech support, resolution of service, return and repair issues, quality of sales representatives, ease of installation / use; ease -of -doing -business; product changes / price protection, appropriate assortment; just -in -time delivery and specialist oriented business programs. The company placed second in product innovation; sixth in dealer training and eighth in brand recognition. 2007 is the second consecutive year that Triad ranked as Best Custom Installation Company.

Triad Speakers, Inc., 15835 NE Cameron Blvd., Portland, Oregon 97230; Main Phone: 503.256.2600; Fax: 503.256.5966; Internet:

About Sonance
Headquartered in San Clemente, California, Sonance was founded by Scott Struthers and Geoff Spencer who introduced the world's first in -wall loudspeaker system to the consumer electronics market in 1982. With distribution in 45 countries around the world, Sonance remains at the forefront of technology by offering innovative design solutions that harmoniously blend sound with designs favored by leading custom integrators, architects, interior - design professionals, and design -conscious clients throughout the world.

For further information visit or contact the company at 212 Avenida Fabricante, San Clemente, CA 92672, Telephone: 800 -582 -0771.

About Polk Audio
Polk Audio is an award -winning designer and manufacturer of high performance audio products and the largest audio brand of Directed Electronics, Inc. (NASDAQ, DEIX). Founded in 1972 by three Johns Hopkins University graduates, Polk Audio holds over 50 patents for advances in audio design and technology. Polk's products include loudspeakers and electronic components for home, auto and marine applications, the first satellite radio home component tuner, the world's first audiophile -grade active IP -addressable loudspeaker, the first THX Ultra2 Certified in -ceiling loudspeaker, and I -Sonic -the first entertainment system to include HD radio, XM Connect & Play capability and a DVD player. Polk products are available through authorized specialist consumer electronics retailers worldwide. For more information and the location of a Polk retailer or distributor in your area visit the or call us at 1 -800 -377 -7655 (USA and Canada). Outside of North America call +1 (410) 358 -3600.

NetStreams, DigiLinX, SpeakerLinX and StreamNet are trademarks of NetStreams L.L.C. Other company and product names are trademarks of their respective owners.

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