At Last, Homeowners Can Enjoy Home Theater Audio Throughout Their Home

DENVER, CO - September 5, 2007 - NetStreams™, the global leader in networked audio/video distribution based on Internet Protocol (IP), has introduced a new product called TheaterLinX™ (TH100), for home theater integration. The product is being demonstrated here today at the CEDIA Expo, the world's largest exposition devoted to whole house entertainment and control systems. TheaterLinX allows installers to easily integrate the equipment found in a home theater system with NetStreams' DigiLinX™ multi -room audio/video/control system, for easy selection and playback of the home theater sources in any room in the house. Additionally, sources available on the DigiLinX network can also be streamed to the home theater for selection and playback over the home theater's existing equipment.

"One of the classic problems with installations that feature both a home theater and a multi -room audio system is that the two systems are separate - - sources located in the home theater are usually limited to that room and sources available on the multi -room audio system are not easily available for playback in the home theater," mentioned Kevin Reinis, the company's President and CEO. "NetStreams' new TheaterLinX solves that problem by effectively bridging the home theater and multi -room audio systems. This is a breakthrough development for our industry. Consumers can now easily access and listen to any audio source from any room in the house - including the home theater."

Designed to connect to any home theater A/V receiver or processor, TheaterLinX features both analog and S/PDIF audio inputs and outputs, a 10/100Mbps Ethernet connection (for connecting to the DigiLinX IP network), one sensor input, and three contact closures. TheaterLinX bridges the gap between a home theater and multi -room audio system in two ways. First, it converts the line level audio from the home theater A/V receiver or processor into an IP stream for playback throughout the entire home over the DigiLinX network. Secondly, the TheaterLinX also outputs line level audio from sources on the DigiLinX network for playback over the A/V receiver or processor in the home theater. The audio is completely synchronized - a key difference - with NetStreams' patent -pending technology, StreamNet™.

TheaterLinX incorporates IR and two -way RS -232 for direct control of the home theater's A/V receiver or processor. The system enables IR learning for commands such as volume up/down, mute, audio / video mode, power on/off, source select, channel up/down, tone adjustment, surround sound, navigation buttons and more. These functions can then be offered to a homeowner via an intuitive interface on a TouchLinX touch screen or any IP -enabled device in the home.

Additional benefits of TheaterLinX include use of DigiLinX macros for automation and control of drapes, theater screens, projector lifts, etc. Macro's can be used to automatically execute multiple functions with the press of one button. For example, a macro could be created so that from the press of one button the projector would turn on, the window drapes would close, the A/V receiver would turn on and select the DVD player and the DVD player would begin playback of the movie. With the DigiLinX system, installers can quickly and easily create macros for easy use by the homeowner.

TheaterLinX, like all NetStreams DigiLinX products, is very easy to install and configure. Learning IR codes is efficient and quick, thanks to an integrated IR receiver and the DigiLinX Dealer Setup program.

TheaterLinX will ship in end December 2007.

About NetStreams
Headquartered in Austin, Texas, NetStreams delivers the Ultimate IP A/V Experience by distributing high definition audio and video over TCP/IP networks. NetStreams' products, designed for commercial and residential use, offer unprecedented levels of performance, functionality, simplicity, reliability, and expandability. By combining audio/video content, meta -data and control signals into one stream and incorporating industry standards, NetStreams solutions are a smart investment. NetStreams is enabling the future of IP A/V - today.

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About StreamNet
NetStreams' patent -pending StreamNet technology enables licensees to deliver complete IP -based audio/video distribution solutions over TCP/IP networks. StreamNet technology provides an end -to -end IP ecosystem for plug -n -play connectivity, A/V signal synchronization, high performance A/V reproduction, automatic device discovery and configuration, network control, and more. All products that carry the 'StreamNet Connected' logo are interoperable, enabling easy integration of audio/video and control products from multiple manufacturers. StreamNet provides a stable, easily expandable platform and toolset for future products and new applications. StreamNet enables manufacturers to deliver the future of A/V and IT convergence today. For more information, visit

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