Media Decor Announces New Q -Lift™ Series With Industry's Quietest Operation

Media Décor, LLC, the world leader in blending elegant design with AV technology, today announced its latest offering for the concealment and viewing of flat-panel displays: the Q-Lift™ series.

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. - Sept. 10, 2007 - Media Décor, LLC, the world leader in blending elegant design with AV technology, today announced its latest offering for the concealment and viewing of flat -panel displays: the Q -Lift™ series. Available for 32 - to 60 -inch displays, the new lift mechanisms combine quiet and smooth operation with enhanced stability, providing installers with an advanced solution that brings a refined look to any room.

The Q -Lift series of mechanisms creates a sleek look by concealing flat -panel displays in homes, conference rooms, and even airplanes. With a push of a button, the lifts gently lower displays into custom -built furniture when not in use and raise them for viewing. For a truly clean, uncluttered feel in any room, the lifts may also be used to raise and lower displays from the ceiling.

Utilizing sound dampening to ensure minimal noise during operation (<50dB), the lifts are the quietest in the industry. The units feature precision needle bearing guides for smooth operation and precision rack and pinion systems for stability, keeping the display firmly in place.

"With the Q -Lift series, we continue our tradition of providing innovation and technical excellence for the AV industry," said Jonathan Graham, president of Media Décor. "With these lift mechanisms, installers have the means to provide their discerning customers with elegant, unobtrusive concealment and viewing of flat -panel displays in a wide range of sizes while ensuring the quietest operation possible."

The lifts feature a slim construction with a narrow platform width of six inches to minimize the amount of space from front to back. Each unit operates at 115 V and uses a 12 -VDC, 24 -VDC, or 115 -VAC trigger relay.

The Q -Lift series will be available Sept. 10, 2007.


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