L.A.N.c.e. Systems Corporation Announces LANce MPU For Offline Home Automation

Lance MPU delivers hard wired, distributed home automation with emphasis on energy conservation, user ergonomics, ease of installation and simple programmability all from the controller station.

St.Thomas, Ontario - September 2007

Local Area Network Controlled Environment Systems Corporation (L.A.N.c.e. Systems Corporation) announces its new LANce MPU for use in the offline Home Automation systems market.

While remaining compatible with all existing LANce -3000 modules, the new LANce MPU system utilizes the LANce -3000 core controller with specialized software to allow all setup and configuration to be done via internal web browser.

The LANce MPU unit contains all subsystems required to be configured and run in environments where always -on internet connections are not practical.

For configuration and monitoring, simply connect a standard computer monitor (VGA connector) and standard PS/2 Keyboard and Mouse. Once proper login credentials are supplied, the LANce MPU will enter a graphical session to allow web -like setup. Monitor and input devices are not required for normal operation and may be disconnected.

If the system is connected to an internal, local LAN, the small included webserver will allow system to be configured and controlled by any other computer on that LAN. While this system could be exposed to the internet, we do not recommend running it outside the firewall, as LANce MPU has not been designed for the required level of security.

Due to the offline nature of the LANce MPU, the system cannot support all the features of the online LANce -3000, such as cross controller communication, email and SMS notification, and remote access. However, telephone dialers can be connected to the system to deliver alarms and alerts.

System integrators and installers will enjoy the fact that configuration files can be created on another LANce MPU, stored on a USB drive and the file emailed to clients, should an emergency reprogramming be needed. Known working system configurations can be backed up, restored, upgraded or even downgraded - using a USB drive. This allows for record -time firmware upgrades and patch installation, and a defective unit can now be replaced and configured in less than 15 minutes.

Based on the latest in low power consumption microcontrollers, distributed computing advances, and the powerful preconfigured LINUX operating system embedded in firmware, this system creates a highly flexible, low -voltage and stable system that manages any power voltage combination from 12v to 240v in either AC or DC allowing for truly universal control.

The LANce MPU system can be preconfigured before installation and configurations can be updated via file on USB drive - - reducing in -house time by system integrators. The easy -to -use web -like interface allows for modifications by the end user, should they wish that level of control.

Standard wiring switching devices are used, making it easy to match any décor and provide a familiar user interface with almost no end user learning curve for normal daily use.

The LANce MPU system features integrated Automation, Security, Fire, Irrigation, and HVAC monitoring and control functionality.


About Local Area Network controlled environment Systems Corporation (L.A.N.c.e.).

Local Area Network controlled environment Systems Corporation is a manufacturer of high quality automation hardware and software with many years experience in the building automation industry. Relatively new on the home automation market, the company has a solid track record in the related industries such as commercial automation. LANce - 3000 automation products are for sale worldwide.

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