Dialogic Improves Densities for VoIP Conferencing and Contact Center Applications

Dialogic® Host Media Processing Software for Linux increases density and features while new Dialogic® T1/E1 octal-span board doubles hybrid-system densities

Internet Telephony West, Los Angeles, CA. September 10, 2007 - Dialogic Corporation ("Dialogic"), a global provider of world -class products and technologies for media and signal processing, has extended its market leadership in VoIP host media processing technologies and multimedia development platforms with its latest interface board and software releases. Designed for and tested with conferencing and contact center solution developers, these products enable pure IP and hybrid media solutions.

Now shipping is a new interface board for Dialogic® Host Media Processing (HMP) Software, which features octal density, software -selectable T1/E1 interfaces and 128 ms G.168 echo cancellation offload. In tandem with the board release, Dialogic has introduced a new, high -density Linux version of its HMP software, which provides support for its existing family of single -, dual - and quad -density T1/E1 HMP Interface Boards, complementing its current Windows® offering. Both products broaden the market opportunities for solution developers and OEMs to bring existing and new applications onto Dialogic's unique hybrid TDM -IP media server and media gateway platform.

The Dialogic® DNI2410TEPEHMP Digital Network Interface Board (DNI2410) is a full - size PCI Express board that supports eight T1/E1 interfaces and was designed using the next -generation Dialogic® DM3 Media Board architecture, which delivers backward compatibility for existing applications developed to the Dialogic® R4 and Dialogic® Global Call application program interfaces. The octal -density T1/E1 board, matched with a rich set of flexibly licensed host -based media resources and a 1U or 2U rack mount server, creates a highly competitive platform for deploying enhanced media gateways, conference and collaboration servers, hybrid IVR and contact center systems.

Envox Worldwide, a leading global provider of voice solutions, has been working with Dialogic HMP Software and Dialogic HMP Interface Boards since they were first introduced in late 2006. "We have had great success deploying HMP Interface Boards in high density, high volume conference service applications with our customers," said Mark D. Flanagan, president and CEO of Envox Worldwide. 'The performance and flexibility of the Dialogic HMP Software and Dialogic HMP Interface Boards have exceeded what we could do on traditional DSP based boards, and added the hybrid IP component as well. We are also looking forward to deploying Envox -based voice solutions on the new octal span DNI2410 board, which promises to boost rack space density by 2X and, at the same time, reduce the system costs for our customers."

The combination of Dialogic HMP Interface Boards and Dialogic HMP Software delivers one of the most flexible and competitive platforms on the market for developing media servers and media gateways. Media functions such as video, voice and speech processing, conferencing, fax, as well as IP signaling, RTP, secure RTP, and extensive coder support are distinct licensable components of Dialogic HMP Software, enabling flexible solution design. Full -density echo cancellation on the new DNI2410 board enables significant density and performance improvement. "High -performance echo cancellation is a MIPs -intensive process," explained Brian Peebles, Chief Technology Officer for Dialogic. "The echo cancellation offload function on the DNI2410 opens up the host processor to run rich, high -density media and IP resource loads. In concert with new dual -core and quad -core host processors, it enables us to support increasingly dense hybrid TDM -IP solutions while maintaining consistently high audio quality."

Pronexus Inc., an established developer of IVR software based on Dialogic technologies, worked with the new DNI2410 board during its final beta and test cycle. "The new DNI2410 board was everything we expected from a professional telephony board. Not only did applications developed with our VBVoice® toolkit work without a problem, they did so at a very high density using modern PCI Express technology," said Jason Carter, R&D Quality Assurance Engineer at Pronexus. "The octal density board opens new opportunities for our customers to be competitive, and compliments the existing single, dual, and quad -density Dialogic® HMP Interface Boards to allow us a complete range of system density in 1U and 2U rack mount servers when using Dialogic HMP Software."

Other customers agree. Apex Voice Communications is a leading global supplier of multimedia application servers and another long -time customer of Dialogic® media and signaling products. Executive Vice President Elhum Vahdat reported, "I was impressed at how easy it was to integrate the Dialogic HMP Interface Boards into our existing software. Now we have a hybrid product solution from Dialogic that is field -proven, cost -effective and flexible for any application, and it has positioned our TDM deployments for migration to VoIP technology with just a software upgrade."

Linux developers can now take advantage of the single -, dual - and quad -span Dialogic HMP Interface Boards supported under the newly released Dialogic® Host Media Processing Software Release 3.1LIN, as well as a 50% increase in density to 600 channels per server. The new octal density DNI2410 board is immediately available and supported by Dialogic® Host Media Processing Software Release 3.0 for Windows, with corresponding Linux support planned for Q4 2007.

For more information on the new octal -span Dialogic HMP Interface Board and the new Linux release of Dialogic HMP Software including product, sales and development support information, please visit dialogic.com.

About Dialogic Corporation
Dialogic Corporation is a leading provider of open systems platforms to both the Enterprise and Service Provider markets. The platforms enable converged communications, allowing service providers, developers and system integrators to deliver services, content and applications using multimedia processing and signaling technologies.

Headquartered in Montreal, Canada, Dialogic and its subsidiaries have over twenty offices worldwide, providing local presence, knowledge and support to serve its customers around the globe. Dialogic's research and development centers are located in Parsippany, New Jersey; Buffalo, New York; London, England; Dublin, Ireland; and Stuttgart, Germany as well as Montreal.

Information about Dialogic is available at www.dialogic.com.

Dialogic is registered trademark of Dialogic Corporation or its subsidiaries. Dialogic encourages all users of its products to procure all necessary intellectual property licenses required to implement their concepts or applications, which licenses may vary from country to country.

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