A New Virtual Surround System from Final Sound

Final System 8™ HD Audio/Video Receiver (FVSS 201), the first virtual surround system to integrate high-end electrostatic speakers.

Final Sound Introduces New

Virtual Surround Sound System At CEDIA EXPO

Audiophiles will Experience Superior Lifelike Virtual Surround Sound Quality
with the Final System 8™ HD Audio/Video Receiver

DENVER, Colo. September 6, 2007 - Final Sound Solutions, a full -line developer and manufacturer of award -winning sound solutions for home theater enthusiasts and audiophiles, has introduced the Final System 8™ HD Audio/Video Receiver (FVSS 201), the first virtual surround system to integrate high -end electrostatic speakers. The Final System 8 combines a 75 -Watt Audio/Video receiver with two high -definition electrostatic speakers and a subwoofer. This unique receiver combines a DVD (that reads disks with MP3 files) /CD player and a virtual surround sound DSP. The system also includes a new matching Final S95 subwoofer.

Final Sound will demonstrate System 8 at the 2007 CEDIA EXPO, held from September 5 - 9 at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver (Booth SR -17).

The System 8 HD Receiver combines a DVD (that reads disks with MP3 files) /CD with a built -in 75 -watt class D amplifier, Dolby Virtual Surround DSP, a complete A/V switching module, HDMI in and out, a universal remote control, and the matching S95 subwoofer (users can also use Final's S110 or S220 subwoofers). The consumer can then choose from several different floor standing or wall -mountable models of Final Sound's award winning electrostatic speakers to complete the package.

The Final System 8 HD Audio/Video Receiver, can be paired with a range of speakers, depending on the size of the room. Options include the Final Sound 90i, 150i, 300i, or 400i electrostatic speakers and the new S95 subwoofer. Unlike other virtual surround systems, Final System 8 creates a unique figure -eight -shaped sound wave that fills any size room, creating a true surround sound experience. System 8 uses the Dolby Virtual Surround DSP to take a multi -channel recording, and re -create it in a lifelike surround sound experience from just two speakers and a subwoofer.

The System 8 Receiver is ideal for anyone that wants to have a cinema experience in their own living room, without the hassle of wiring five or more speakers. Setting up the system is simple. After connecting the two speakers, the subwoofer, and the television to the receiver, an intuitive on -screen display guides the user through the configuration process. Once the system is configured, it will be able to create the surround sound effects for that favorite DVD. An added benefit of the system is when you are done with that favorite movie, the system is able to create a very detailed and lifelike musical experience that electrostatic speakers are famous for, using a standard two -channel recording from a CD.

Combining the virtual surround sound system with Final Sound's line of electrostatic speakers leverages the patented Inverter™ Technology to go beyond the capabilities of earlier virtual surround systems to deliver a room -filling surround sound effect - more powerful and lifelike than ever before. Since the Final Sound panels are line array dipole speakers, the sound reaches deeper into a room with virtually no reflections from the audio signal bouncing off the wall, floor, or the ceiling. In addition, the panels successfully separate high tones from medium low tones on the diaphragm of a speaker, resulting in a broader stereo image.

"The great shortcoming of other virtual sound systems has been that they only work in very small rooms," said Gijsbert van den Brink, CEO at Final Sound Solutions, "or when the listener is seated quite close to the source. This is due to the destructive sound reflections that bounce off the floor, ceiling, and walls of the room to collapse the surround illusion when it reaches out more than a few feet from the speakers. The result is audio confusion."

"We designed the Final System 8 HD Audio/Video Receiver to create a unique figure -eight -shaped soundwave that fills any size room. The creation of Final System 8 leverages our proven Inverter Technology to deliver superior sound reproduction. We are committed to delivering new high quality home entertainment solutions to the ever changing market."

In conjunction with the launch of the System 8 Receiver, Final introduced a new subwoofer, the S95, specially designed to work with the new virtual surround sound receiver and the Final Sound line of electrostatic speakers. The S95 features an eight -inch down -firing driver. All the filter settings such as crossover, phase control, high pass, mid -base equalizer and full base management are integrated in the receiver.

Specification FVSS 201
System CD -DA, CVC VIDEO, VCD 2.0, S -VCD, CD -MP3, Mpeg4
Video Inputs S -Video (Y/C) 3x, Composite 2x, Component 1x
Video Output S -Video (Y/C) 1x, Composite 1x, Component 1x
Video + Audio Connector SCART with RGB and Composite for European Version
HDMI input, HDMI output, DCDI Video Upscaling
1080i upgradeable to 1080p
Progressive Scan, Digital Zoom
TV Type Setting PAL, NTSC, Auto, Multi -region solution
Audio Power Output 2 x 75W
Audio Input Analog input 3x RCA, Digital Audio Input 2x RCA, Optical 1x
Audio Output Subwoofer out 1x, speakers out
Decoding MPEG -2 Multi -ch, MP3, MP3 USB, Dolby Digital, 2Ch down mix,
Dolby Pro Logic II, Dolby Virtual
DTS support, DTS 2, 1ch out
Tuner Section FM, AM, RDS
Remote Control Universal RC
Filtering Specific Filtering, High pass, shelving filtering,
Acoustical controls and base management are built in for Final Sound
speakers 90i, 150i, 300i, and 400i
Dimension (cm) 42x33x6
Color Brushed Aluminium

Pricing and Availability
The System 8 HD Audio/Video Receiver bundled with the S95, S110 and S220 will begin shipping in September 2007. Suggested retail price for the System 8 HD Audio/Video Receiver with the S95 begins at $999.00 (USD). Panels are priced separately, depending on selection. Please visit www.finalsound.com to find a dealer near you.

About Inverter™ Technology
With its exclusive Inverter Technology, Final re -engineered the way sound and power move across the face of the speaker. Traditional electrostat designs move the audio signal across the stator plates on each side of a Mylar diaphragm to "pull" the film and create the sound, the Final technology "inverts" that process by embedding the audio signal inside a sealed diaphragm. This creates sound energy that is stronger, clearer, far more responsive, and amazingly lifelike. The design of the new inverter enables speaker impedance to be substantially higher than traditional electrostats nominal 4 Ohm. This allows the use of smaller amplifiers - as low as 35 watts - to drive the speakers for the F90i and 75 watts for the F1000i. An important benefit of the Final Inverter technology is the separation of the high and medium -low tones, resulting in a far broader stereo image.

About Final Sound Solutions
Final Sound Solutions is a full -line manufacturer of the world's lightest and flattest high -definition award -winning surround sound systems and speakers for home theater enthusiasts and audiophiles. Final's mission is to bring flat panel digital lifestyle sound solutions to the home entertainment market allowing consumers having a matching high definition sound quality with their high definition video. Based in the Netherlands, the company has been an innovator in the development of advanced electrostatic speaker technology for the high -end audiophile market for more than a decade. The company completed work on breakthrough technology that created the first modular electrostatic speakers and in 2004, introduced its unique inverter technology, which completely eliminated the crossover distortion common to traditional cone speakers, creating the most natural, lifelike audio speakers in the home entertainment market. The patent for this inverter technology was granted in 2006.The company received funding and now is concentrating on broadening its distribution worldwide. For more information please visit the website: www.finalsound.com.

PR Contact
WW: Debbie Nabuurs, debbienabuurs@finalsound.com, tel. +31 (0) 413 -375412

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