Superna releases the ControlBox Series II - Superna\'s award winning ControlBox goes on steroids

Superna, the first company to fully leverage standard home networks for home control, whole-house media distribution and home automation announces the ControlBox Series II, a more powerful and advanced version of its award winning ControlBox.

Denver, CO (September 6, 2007) - Superna, the first Digital Home company to fully leverage standard IP home networks for home control, whole -house digital media distribution and home automation, is proud to announce the ControlBoxTM Series II, a more powerful and advanced version of its award winning ControlBoxTM.

Powered with 1.5Ghz of raw computing speed, the ControlBoxTM Series II delivers what consumers are demanding for a complete entertainment experience: high -definition video and audio along with superior control and rich user interfaces. Providing more power and more functionality for significantly less cost, the ControlBoxTM Series II is a clear market leader.

The ControlBoxTM Series II is a multipurpose device that enables consumers to connect legacy electronic devices to their home computer network for delivery of digital audio/visual content, home control and automation. Encoded media files are streamed from any computer connected to the home network to the ControlBoxTM Series II, where it is decoded and delivered to a TV screen and/or speakers. In addition to media streaming, the ControlBoxTM Series II provides IR, Serial, Relays and I/O connectors to enable networked control of all the elements in an A/V stack as well as other home devices such as lighting and HVAC.

'Our engineers have really outdone themselves, our new ControlBoxTM is an amazing piece of technology that sets the bar for the rest of the industry' says Oded Vardi, Superna's COO. 'Our products are easier to install, configure and maintain than any other digital home solution.'

The ControlBoxTM will begin shipping by late October to Superna's exclusive list of distributors and dealers. Like all of Superna's products, it is compatible with the UPnP ™ standard specifications, insuring seamless interoperability with Yahoo's MusicMatch, Microsoft's MCE, AOL's Winamp and the Superna Media Manager. It supports the most popular media formats including MPEG 1,2,4, DivX, WMV and others. The Superna ControlBoxTM Series II is network agnostic, accommodating both hard wired and Wi -Fi home networks. Superna's desktop software provides easy configuration, management and personalized interface generation.

About Superna:
Superna develops, manufactures and markets industry standard software and hardware products that make home automation accessible and affordable to mass markets. Headquartered in Langhorne, PA, Superna has an R&D center in Tel Aviv, Israel. Superna was founded by Arik Vardi (Chairman), founder of ICQ, the world's first Instant Messaging service; Oded Vardi (COO) and former founding investor of RUSure comparative shopping program; Tim Sixtus, founder of cha! Technologies, a micropayment solutions provider, and veteran software developer, Eran Gampel (CTO). The Superna group of products including, ControlWare, ControlBox, and ConfigNet is sold and installed through a worldwide network of integrators and distributors. For more information call 800 -584 -5902 or visit us on the web at

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