Russound To Adopt PLC Technology, Joins HomePlug Alliance

Multiroom and CI leader envisions diverse product offerings based on Power Line Communications protocol with no new runs of long wiring

DENVER, CO, September 4, 2007 - Russound, the #1 brand in multiroom audio, today announced its membership in the HomePlug® Powerline Alliance, an organization dedicated to the development of interoperable products based on PLC (Power Line Carrier) technology. The announcement heralds an exciting new addition to Russound's technological portfolio, and brings the company's custom installation leadership to the forefront of HomePlug Alliance initiatives and development.

"We're looking forward to being an active member of the HomePlug Alliance," said Jeff Kussard, Russound Vice President of Strategic Development,. "PLC technology has proven its efficiency and reliability in the field, and is the clear choice for retrofit or non -invasive wiring solutions. HomePlug -based products represent an exciting new avenue for Russound, and we look forward to creating compelling products and applications based on this standard."

The HomePlug Powerline Alliance is comprised of over 70 companies developing products and services based on the HomePlug standard for data distribution and communications utilizing existing electrical wiring and infrastructure in residential and commercial buildings. Formed in 2000, its membership includes such telecoms such as Comcast and DirecTV; technology companies such as Intel, Texas Instruments and Analog Devices; CE manufacturers such as LG, Sharp and Samsung, and national footprint CE retailer Radio Shack. Russound is the first member with complete business focus on multiroom technologies, and brings extensive market experience to the Alliance's already impressive intellectual capital.

The HomePlug protocol greatly simplifies local area networking in the residential sphere, because a robust physical infrastructure is already in place in virtually every home. Over 90% of residential AC electrical outlets are reliable carriers for PLC transmissions, and the HomePlug AV specification yields enough through -put even for simultaneous high -definition content and data streams, with capacities of up to 200 Mbps at the physical OSI layer and 100 Mbps at the address layer.

"Russound's new product offering exemplifies how HomePlug technology is a great solution for whole -house multimedia applications," said Oleg Logvinov, Chief Strategy Officer for the HomePlug Powerline Alliance, and also President and CEO of Arkados, Inc. "Russound's selection of HomePlug technology is a great testament to its reliability and ease of use."

"We're excited by the potential that HomePlug technology brings to Russound products," said Michael Stein, Russound Senior Director of Research and Technology. "We've always been focused on solutions that make life simpler for the integrator and more enjoyable for the consumer. As Russound develops products based on the ease of the HomePlug protocol, we see the opportunities in the custom install market expanding exponentially, with simpler installations and greater interoperability."

Russound's first two products based on HomePlug technology will be the Avenue™ System, which, when used in conjunction with a Russound CAV6.6 Multizone Controller, frees consumers and installers from the hassle of new long wire runs, and the iBridge® Dock PLC, a multiroom audio accessory that lets consumers distribute iPod® music and metadata throughout the home using existing AC electrical wiring as the carrier. Both of these products open exciting new doors in retrofit installations.

About Russound
Since 1967, innovation, quality and reliability have been the pillars of the Russound product tradition. Located in Newmarket, N.H., Russound, the #1 brand in multiroom audio*, offers the products and expertise customers need to enjoy multiroom audio and video systems in the home. As the company celebrates its 40th anniversary, Russound continues to cater to installation professionals and their customers by pairing powerful systems using the latest technologies with intuitive controls to give customers high -performance, easy -to -use solutions. For more information, visit the company's Web site at

*According to June 2005, 2006 and 2007 studies by EH Research

iPod is a registered trademark of Apple, Inc.

HomePlug is a trademark of the HomePlug Powerline Alliance, Inc. in the U.S. and other countries.

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