Channel Vision to Launch Category 5 Whole House Intercom System

Offers Robust Features and Expandability in a Convenient, Affordable Household Communication System

DENVER - Sept. 4, 2007 - CEDIA EXPO 2007 - Booth # 336 - Channel Vision, a leading provider of technology for the Well Connected Home™ announces its entry into whole house communications with the Category 5 Whole House Intercom System. The newest addition to the company's broad range of home technology solutions will be showcased this week at the CEDIA EXPO.

The CAT5 Intercom provides convenient whole house communication, installation simplicity and the affordability that only Category 5 solutions bring. Channel Vision's Intercom enables homeowners to communicate directly between rooms or via whole house broadcast through the Intercom Stations
(ST -2000) located in each room. The system offers extensive expandability for up to 24 Intercom Stations including two door stations, making it adaptable to virtually any size home.
The system offers a comprehensive set of features that are accessible either through the IR Remote Control or Intercom Station buttons. The infrared control is a unique option allowing users to operate the Intercom from anywhere in the room. The Master Remote (A0503) can be used to directly program basic learning remotes for each room or HEX codes and CCF files can be downloaded from Channel Vision's web site for more advanced programmable remotes.
The advanced call and answer features of the Intercom System provide differing levels of privacy for each room including Broadcast Page, Privacy, Do Not Disturb, and Room Monitor modes. The answer features include Hands -Free Reply, Push -to -Talk mode for noisy environments, and Call Return when in Privacy mode or for answering a door station.
At the heart of the System is the Intercom Hub (P -0930). The Hub connects with each in -room Intercom Station (ST -2000) and can be easily expanded through the use of additional Hubs, Intercom Stations and Station Expanders (ST -2100). The P -0930 is designed for easy installation and mounts directly into a structured wiring enclosure or onto the Channel Vision Hinged Rack Plate, the P -1300, which enables it to be mounted into a 19 -inch rack.
Easily expand the system up to 24 stations including two Front Door Intercom Stations. The unique Intercom Station and Station Expander design allows integrators to easily add direct call buttons to an existing Intercom Station by simply snapping the expander onto the station without requiring additional wall holes.
Once the Intercom Station is installed in a double -gang ring, the Station Expanders can be attached and rest on the surface of the wall so additional holes need not be cut to expand the system. Each Intercom Hub can support up to 6 room stations and is expanded through the included link cable.
The Intercom System provides built -in support for up to two Front Door Intercom Stations, integrating with Channel Vision's popular DP & IU -Series Front Door Intercoms. Each room equipped with an Intercom Station is ready to communicate directly with the front door as well as grant access to visitors with the addition of a door strike module.
Designed to match popular door lock hardware, Channel Vision's 100% solid brass Front Door Intercom Stations provide residents with one of the largest selections available including two sizes and
9 different finish styles. Black & white or color cameras are also available as an included option with the Front Door Intercoms and can be integrated with other Channel Vision products to create a front door video surveillance system.
Pricing & Availability
The CAT5 Whole House Intercom System will be available in a 4 -Room Kit as well as priced for individual purchase through Channel Vision's worldwide distribution network. The CAT5 Whole House Intercom System Kit will include (4) Intercom Stations (ST -2000), (1) Intercom Hub (P -0930) and
(1) Master Remote (A0503) for $941 MSRP. Additional products include:
· Intercom System 4 -Room Kit (ST -0934): $941 MSRP
· Intercom Station (ST -2000): $150 MSRP
· Intercom Hub (P -0930): $450 MSRP
· Intercom Station Expander (ST -2100): $59.98 MSRP
· Door Strike Relay Module (ST -C5IDS): $59.98 MSRP
· DP -Series Front Door Intercoms (DP -xxxxC): Call for quote
· IU -Series Front Door Intercoms (IU -xxxxC): Call for quote

About Channel Vision Technology
Ranked among the Top Structure Wire* providers in the industry, Channel Vision is a leading manufacturer of innovative technology products for the Well Connected Home.™ The Company's broad -range of solutions are designed to provide lifestyle enhancements for residents, while equipping homes for greater safety, convenience and entertainment. Channel Vision is proud to provide high quality, dependable products that are backed by its 5 Star Program, one of the finest customer service programs in the industry. The program includes: Free Panel Design & Layout; Customized Manufacturing; Free CEDIA, BICSI and NBFFA Approved Training Classes, 2/10/20 Warranties and 24/7/365 Technical Support. For more information on Channel Vision's family of products, call 800.840.0288 or visit
*Ranked as the third most used for structure wire systems according to the 2006 CE Pro Brand Survey.
Affinity is a patent pending technology and trademark of Channel Vision Technology, 2007

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