Burmester Introduces New Classic Line CD Player

Top-Loading 061 CD Player Boasts Advanced Converter Technology, Direct-Drive, and 96 and 192 kHz Sampling Rates for High-Resolution Performance

CEDIA EXPO, DENVER, Sept. 6, 2007 - Burmester US, a division of Burmester Audiosysteme, Germany's leading manufacturer of high -performance electronics and speakers, introduces the 061 Classic Line CD Player, combining a warm, natural musicality with a classically elegant design, at CEDIA EXPO '07, beginning here today.

The newest member of Burmester's Classic Line, the 061 CD Player is a dedicated top -loading CD Playback system, refined for demanding audiophiles who recognize sophisticated product design and demand uncompromised sound quality equally matched with superior build quality. Completing an overhaul of the Classic Line, the 061 CD player features a Phillips CD 2 Pro direct drive with a modified servo board that guarantees high -resolution audio as well as an intensely musical sound. Further contributing to its superb performance are advanced converter technology with switchable upsampling rates of 96 and 192 kHz, and top -of -the -line analog output stages.

The precision top loader is made of milled aluminum with a 10 -millimeter thick tray that opens and closes as softly as butter on Teflon rails, making it a pleasure to insert a CD.

The 061 CD Player is also strongly protected against early obsolescence. Its built -in D/A converters are mounted on a separate D/A converter module that can be upgraded or retrofitted as needed for future developments. A multimedia Interface slot for future applications is also included, further enabling the 061 CD Player to accommodate new digital enhancements.

The 061 CD Player's connection panel includes two digital RCA inputs and outputs, one Toslink optical digital input and output, a balanced XLR stereo output, and two unbalanced stereo RCA stereo outputs. All incoming digital signals are upsampled to the sample rate selected by the sample rate converter, and the D/A converter can also be used externally through the CD Player's digital inputs. A remote control and Burmester Power 1.5 Cable are supplied as standard.

The 061 CD Player also features a unique security measure. Its serial number is indelibly stored in its control chips, and can be displayed by the user on the front -panel's dot -matrix display. Any unauthorized change of the number will shut down the player, to be revived exclusively by Burmester.

The 061 CD Player can be optionally equipped with the newest version of Burmester's BurLinkTM interface, which features RS -232 and USB2.0 ports. It's ideal for integration with home automation systems, such as those from CrestronTM, AMXTM and other manufacturers.

Burmester's new 061 Classic Line CD Player is available now in silver housing with a chrome front panel at a suggested price of $11,995. It can be seen with the company's other outstanding products at the Hilton Garden Inn Downtown, 1400 Welton Street (2 blocks from the Colorado Convention Center), during CEDIA EXPO.

About Burmester US
Burmester US is a wholly owned operation of Burmester Audiosysteme GMBH, Germany's leader in high -end audio and one of the most respected names among manufacturers of high -quality stereo systems worldwide. Burmester's product line goes back 30 years. Today, product lines include the moderately priced Rondo Line, the ambitious Classic Line, the Top Line (suiting listeners' highest needs), and the no -compromise Reference Line. These lines include pre amplifiers and power amplifiers, multichannel amplifiers, integrated amplifiers, CD and DVD players, surround sound processors, FM tuners, power conditioners, speakers, and accessories for both two -channel and multichannel systems. Burmester offerings vary in price but never in their dedication to quality and musical performance at the highest level. All Burmester components fulfill the most stringent demands with respect to sound quality, reliability and ease of use, and all are beautifully, elegantly finished.

Burmester is also the appointed, exclusive partner for Bugatti to supply the sound systems for the Veyron 16.4.

For further technical information, visit www.burmester.de, or call Burmester US at 877 -287 -6310.

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