T.H.E. Show Denver - More Powerful Than Ever

The Home Entertainment Show (T.H.E. Show) will be 'Raising The Bar' this year during CEDIA. 'We have so much power in our audio and home theater displays this year that we're a little apprehensive...'

Subject: T.H.E. Show Denver - More Powerful Than Ever

Date: August 28, 2007
Contacts: Richard Beers; Chuck Cavanaugh
Tel: 702 -242 -4545
Website: www.TheShowDenver.com

Photos Available: www.theshowdenver.com/press.pdf

The Home Entertainment Show (T.H.E. Show) will be "Raising The Bar" this year during CEDIA. "We have so much power in our audio and home theater displays this year," says Richard Beers, President of T.H.E. Show, "that we're a little apprehensive about displaying these dynamic systems in a building that, in spots, is a designated Historical Landmark." Beers added, "Thank goodness construction, back in those days was, in many ways, more substantial and superior to what is built today."

Returning this year to the 2nd Annual T.H.E. Show Denver are exhibitors Professional Home Cinema Eminent Technology, two of the stand -out exhibitors from last year. "Everyone has had a year to make these Exhibits even more powerful and perfect than last," says Beers. "We had lines down the hallway of people waiting to get into both of these exhibits and I'm sure this year
will be no different. Eminent, brings to the table (and the entire floor), a 5Hz subwoofer technology like no other in the world. Utilizing the unique Thigpen Rotary Woofer, Eminent brings with it "the missing link" in sound reproduction; the first subwoofer delivering true response to DC. If you visit no other Live Demo in Denver this time around, you'll need to Hear and Feel the 4 - 5 hertz frequency from a helicopter, the low rumble of wind, the massive space of a concert hall and experience the infrasonic info contained within an explosion, LIVE.

Not to be outdone, Professional Home Cinema out of Huntington Beach, CA, will also return (but not on the same floor as Eminent Tech). Larry Reagan, V.P. of PHC explains the exhibit this way: "Featuring high -output, extended bandwidth loudspeaker designs and nearly 20,000 Watts of Power, the PHC reference system is a statement of what 'Cinema' is meant to be. We have designed this system to reproduce the comprehensive theater experience far exceeding the limitations of conventional home audio technologies." Reagan says, "This year, we'll be teaming up with Kubala Sosna Research, Quartet Marketing and T + A Elektroakustic to present, what we feel is an unparalleled home theater experience."

Long time exhibitor at T.H.E. Show Las Vegas, PBN Audio is new this year in Denver and introduces the new KAS Montana Loudspeakers. "KAS," explains Peter Noerback of PBN, "simply means Kick Ass Speakers... and they will be unveiled during T.H.E. Show Denver." Teaming up with long -time industry trend -setting Edge Electronics out of Florida, Noerbaek promises "one heck of a home theater display". "The KAS is actually a smaller version of the Master Reference we tore the house down with in Vegas last January and our most popular speaker by far with over 80 pairs sold over the 9 year period the predecessor was in production."

Industry giant Magnepan also returns this year and, says Beers, "is being very quiet about a new and unique center channel
speaker concept." Magnepan spokesmen will only say that this is the "premiere" of the concept... and, Beers adds, "When a prestigious company such as Magnepan introduces something brand new, the industry normally takes notice very quickly." Magnepan teams up with Bryston Ltd. for the maiden performance of this new and exciting concept.

This, the second year of T.H.E. Show Denver will, once again, be held at the Denver Athletic Club, right next door to CEDIA at the Denver Convention Center, September 6 - 9. "As always, CEDIA attendees are encouraged to visit us and it's very easy... just a one block walk, turning right coming out of the main convention center doors. There is no admission fee for the trade, just a very quick and painless Registration process that takes less than a couple of minutes."

Beers concludes, "Our Denver T.H.E. Show has turned into something of a boutique convention, spotlighting the leaders and innovators in Sound as well as the Home Theater achievements within the industry. It is not nearly as large as our new, expanded T.H.E. Show in Las Vegas, but does have the distinction of presenting the newest and finest Live Demonstration in the Denver area during CEDIA."

Thursday Sept 6th: 10AM - 6PM
Friday Sept 7th: 9AM - 6PM
Saturday Sept 8th: 9AM - 6PM
Sunday Sept 9th: 10AM - 4PM

T.H.E. Show is located at:
The Denver Athletic Club; 1325 Glenarm Pl.

Additional print quality photos are available here: www.theshowdenver.com/press.pdf

Richard Beers, President
The Home Entertainment Show, Denver
Ph. (702) 242 -4545 / Fax (702) 242 -4450

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