Randall Amplifiers Announces General Availability of George Lynch MTS Signature Series Preamp Module

We are announcing the general availability of the George Lynch MTS Signature series preamp modules. The modules are available in four different 'flavors,' allowing guitarist to snag George's classic tones and sounds from throughout the years.

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Randall Amplifiers Announces General Availability of George Lynch MTS Signature Series Preamp Modules

Interchangeable Preamp Modules Let Guitarists Achieve Vast Array of Tones in a Single Amplifier

Chicago, IL. - August 30, 2007 - Randall Amplifiers, a division of US Music Corporation, announced today the general availability of the George Lynch MTS Signature Series Preamp Modules, which allows guitarists to attain his classic tones, ranging from smooth and clean to the heavy rhythm tones characteristic of the Dokken and Lynch Mob eras.

The George Lynch MTS Series signature preamp modules integrate seamlessly inside Randall's MTS line of guitar amplifiers. Randall's MTS Series of amps includes combos, heads, rackmount units, as well as George Lynch's custom Lynch Box head and cabinet series. Guitarists can load their choice of preamps in any combination, making it simple and easy to capture George's tones with one Randall amplifier. The George Lynch's series includes four different preamp modules for a wide range of tones and flexibility - Super V, Mr. Scary, Grail and Brahma.

"For over 20 years, Randall has been instrumental in helping me attain the flawless tones I need," said guitarist George Lynch. "Our partnership started during Dokken's 1984 US tour, and I'm proud to continue a relationship that will deliver my distinctive sounds to fellow musicians around the globe."

The Randall MTS Series makes it quick and simple for musicians to radically change their sound - without purchasing additional amps - by allowing them to easily swap different MTS Series preamp modules into their amp. MTS modules are based on tone circuits from Fender®, Marshall®, Vox® and Randall amplifiers as well as the signature sounds of legendary guitar players such George Lynch.

"Many of us at Randall are huge fans of George Lynch, so we're honored to collaborate with such a respected and innovative guitar player," said Doug Reynolds, Randall Division Manager. "The partnership enhances our MTS Signature Series by giving our customers the ability to capture the sounds and tones of one of rocks most influential artist."

George Lynch MTS Series Preamps:
• Super V - Clean module with low bottom end
• Mr. Scary - Classic Lynch heavy rhythm lead tone
• Grail - Thick lower mid -range for modern lead tone
• Brahma - Hi -gain tone for Lynch's classic rhythm sound

Pricing and Availability
The George Lynch MTS Series guitar preamp modules and Lynch Box are available online and at major music retail outlets. The George Lynch MTS Series preamp modules have a suggested retail price of $299.90. To locate a Randall dealer, please visit www.randallamplifiers.com/dealers/index.asp. For more details on the MTS Series, go to www.randallamplifiers.com/products/amplifiers/mts/sigmods/index.asp.

About Randall Amplifiers
Randall Amplifiers is owned by U.S. Music Corp. located near Chicago, Illinois. U.S. Music Corp. is the corporate parent for world -recognized brands including Washburn Guitars and accessories, Parker Guitars, Randall Amplifiers, Eden Amplifiers, Oscar Schmidt, Little Lyon, Lyon Musical Instruments and accessories and Vinci musical instrument strings and accessories. For more information on Randall Amplifiers, go to www.randallamplifiers.com.


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