The World's Most Powerful LCR Ceiling Speaker

Proficient Introduces C1030 High Performance Loudspeaker For High-End Home Cinema Systems

Riverside, California, July 29, 2007 - Proficient Audio Systems today announced the C1030 LCR ceiling speaker, a one -of -a -kind that's a statement of power and performance that is the category's new top performer.

The C1030 is the flagship of Proficient's lineup of architectural cinema speakers. The principal design highlight is that the woofer and tweeter bridge are set at a 15° angle while the tweeter pivots another 30°. This allows the installer to direct critical midrange and high frequencies at the sweet spot listening area.

"Proficient in -wall and in -ceiling cinema speakers have become very popular with installing dealers because they solve a lot of installation problems. So, we developed the C1030 with an aggressive set of performance criteria for larger home theater jobs and ultra high -end cinema systems," said Keith Marshall, President of Proficient Audio. "They're an excellent choice for dealers when designing a system for a big room where you have a lot of air to push yet still want to be able to generate high sound pressure levels."

The C1030 is a 3 -way configuration, comprised of a 10" Kevlar woofer mounted in a cast magnesium basket; a 3" Kevlar midrange and 1" pivoting Aluminum tweeter. Proficient combined this premium componentry to achieve 200 watts of power handling. The result is a speaker that earns its title of best -in -class performer.

Proficient engineers wanted the C1030 to be about more than just pure brute power. They also wanted it to be a speaker that delivered sound with the utmost in clarity and accuracy. "The C1030 is a real milestone for our brand", said Marshall. "This speaker continues our strategy of offering best -in -class performance across all price points. The early response from our dealers indicates their excitement about its prospects in the marketplace."

"For serious in -ceiling home theater systems, the C1030s have no equal", adds Marshall. "Now you can have classic Proficient technology and design in an ultra -high performance architectural LCR that will satisfy many of situations that installing dealers encounter. We are excited and equally proud of the new C1030."

"With 200 watt power handling, they're a superb match to all of the high -powered 7.1 receivers and 7 channel power amplifiers on the market today. If you use the C1030's, you can hit them with a lot of power and they don't fold up," Marshall noted.

MSRP of seven C1030 speakers is $4,000. Marshall continued, "When you're doing a high -end home cinema system, you can build a great 7.1 system without blowing the budget." Backed by a 10 -year limited warranty, the C1030 begins shipping in September 2007.

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