Solid Signal provides tips for getting better cell phone reception

Solid Signal provides advice for several effective, affordable ways to improve reception.

August 17, 2007: West Bloomfield, MI - We've all been there - in a basement or office where your cell phone just won't get a signal. And of course, it usually happens at a time when you are expecting an important phone call. Or maybe even your whole house or office gets little to no quality reception. This does not have to be the case. There are several effective, affordable (starting from just $199) ways to improve cell phone reception.

"It's estimated that 35 percent of cell users have trouble with cell phone reception in their home or office," Jerry Chapman, president of Solid Signal, said. "There are several options to improve this, and Solid Signal can provide insight on the right product to meet your needs."

Extenders and repeaters are affordable products that are proven to help consumers get better cell phone reception, according to Chapman.

Repeaters are devises that take whatever is outside and allow users to get it inside. They are a good fit for business owners because they cover wide areas and hundreds of people can benefit from them at the same time. Consumers can learn more at

Boosters, also known as extenders, boost what little signal is available. They usually cover about 3,000 sq. ft and usually work best in homes, cars and small businesses. For more information, visit -Ex)

"We at Solid Signal came across these products originally because of poor reception we were getting in an office space," Chapman said. "We did have some skepticism at first. But we learned first -hand that both boosters and repeaters are effective ways to increase cell phone reception."

Solid Signal was founded in 2002 to help customers find new solutions to enhance technology. The company offers satellite, outdoor antenna, consumer electronics and commercial media. The company offers its customers thousands of products to help distribute high -quality, digital audio and video to a variety of different media outlets. Solid Signal provides advice for product selection, installation and troubleshooting to enhance customers' experiences and is also a CEDIA member, allowing the company to better serve professional installers. For more information, visit or call 1.866.374.4625.


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