Wisdom Audio Announces New, Innovative In -Wall Speaker Mounting Solution

The Patent-Pending In-Wall Mounting Solution Includes Discrete Backboxes so a Speaker's Acoustical Output is Confined to its Own 'Cabinet' Where Each Transducer is Allowed to Perform at its Optimum, not Left to Chance by the Home's Wall Structure

CARSON CITY, Nev., Aug. 13, 2007 - Wisdom Audio (www.wisdomaudio.com), the leader in planar magnetic loudspeaker technologies with more than 85 years on -staff experience, will debut its new, innovative, patent -pending in -wall speaker mounting solution at the 2007 CEDIA Expo, held in Denver from Sept. 6 -9 at the Colorado Convention Center, booth SR -12. Initially, the new in -wall solution will be incorporated with Wisdom's new Sage Series speaker systems, also making its debut during the show.

"The Sage Series in -wall configured enclosures represent a leap forward in installed speaker cabinet design," explained Dave Michno, Wisdom Audio director of operations. "Each driver assembly has a dedicated backbox so the speaker's acoustical output is confined to its own 'cabinet' where each transducer is allowed to perform at its optimum, not left to chance by the varying acoustic environment of the home's wall structure."

Initially, Wisdom Audio will bring to market five speaker configurations, ranging from 15 inches to 95 inches tall, each available as an in -wall, on -wall, or freestanding solution. Multiple center channels, a dual woofer vibration canceling in -wall sub enclosure, integrated Audyssey Laboratories™ room correction software, and dedicated electronics round out the new product offerings.

Each system, Michno continued, is installed not with the usual dog toggle mounting configuration of most in -wall speakers, since these dogs eventually can compromise the structural integrity of the wall due to speaker vibration and humidity. "It is instead installed with patent -pending 'Uni -Grip™' technology that attaches the loudspeaker enclosure to the wall board uniformly around its perimeter providing a sonically superior, rigid aluminum frame that can actually reinforce the strength of the wall," he added. "Additionally, the speaker extends only 1/8 inch from the wall to be unobtrusive, an aesthetic feature most people want when choosing a high performance in -wall speaker solution."

Wisdom is designing each system from the ground up, ranging from state -of -the -art electronics technologies to a unique performance enhancing mounting solution. It is also developing state -of -the -art cabinet and enclosure designs to ensure each Wisdom speaker performs as it was intended.

"In order for our new Sage Series to perform as designed, we can't allow the structural integrity of the wall it is installed in to dictate its overall performance," said Mark Glazier, Wisdom Audio president. "We have examined the acoustical environment of in -wall speakers very carefully, and designed our Sage Series' in -wall enclosures to complement the specific requirements of the system's overall performance parameters. There's nothing like it in the industry, and it is sure to make the installer, and ultimately the customer, completely satisfied with the system's performance…something not fully realized ever before from an in -wall speaker."

For more information, please visit www.wisdomaudio.com or call (775) 887 -8850.


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