Marmitek introduces the DoorPhone120!

Speak wirelessly from inside or around the house to the visitor

EINDHOVEN - Doesn't it happen to you sometimes that someone rings the doorbell when you are at home but you don't hear it because you are busy in the garden or in the attic? Or do you find it annoying to have to walk to the door unnecessarily, every time the doorbell rings? All that is history with the DoorPhone120. You can simply take the DoorPhone120 upstairs with you, or go outside with it. When someone rings the doorbell, you can speak to the visitor directly, and if desired; open the door wirelessly from a distance!

DoorPhone120 portable door phone system
The DoorPhone120 set comprises an outside unit and a portable handset. You can always speak to the visitor from anywhere inside or outside the house, and decide if you want to open the door.

Easy and safe
The system functions wirelessly. You don't need to supply a cable to the outside unit. The outside unit can be operated with an adapter as well as batteries. You can decide entirely yourself where you want to install the outside unit, without needing to take the presence of a power socket into account! All handsets that are connected to one doorbell are provided with an intercom function. When the children are doubtful about opening the door, they can always consult you via the intercom function. Any handset can be used to open the doors that are provided with an electric door -opener.

1 or 4 doorbells
There are two different DoorPhone120 sets. One is with 1 doorbell and the other is with 4 doorbells. The latter of the two is very suitable for an office or a home workplace, or when various apartments have the same single front door. There can be as many handsets connected to one doorbell as you like. When you have an outside unit with 4 doorbells, then various handsets can be logged -on to each doorbell.

Technical specifications
The outside unit is provided with illumination. This way, the names of the residents are visible even in the dark. The outside unit is provided with an extra AUX connector which switches on when the doorbell button is pressed. This can be used for activating a (existing) conventional doorbell for example, or for switching on the door/corridor lights (e.g. Marmitek X -10 When someone rings the doorbell, all the handsets that are logged -on to that doorbell, will ring. The ringtone and the ring volume are adjustable. Next to that, the handset has a vibration - and light function to indicate that the doorbell is being rung. More than 65,000 combinations guarantee a high level of safety and privacy, and prevent distortion from neighbouring systems. Digital technology assures a practically distortion -free function. The range of the DoorPhone120 is up to 150m in free -field and up to 50m through walls and ceilings.

The recommended retail price of the Marmitek DoorPhone120 set with 1 doorbells + handset is 229 euro's.
The recommended retail price of the Marmitek DoorPhone120 set with 4 doorbells + handset is 269 euro's.

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