"Magic Curtain" Behind the Mirror Silently Rises to Reveal a Hidden TV While the Award-Winning Decorator Mirror and Frame Preserve the Designer's Original Vision for the Room

DENVER, September 6, 2007 - Media Decor, LLC, the world leader in blending elegant design with AV technology, is astounding attendees at this week's CEDIA show with its award -winning Mirage -Mirror™ flat panel concealment innovation. Mirage -Mirror is a revolutionary 2 -way flat panel concealment mirror combining a designer -level picture frame, a Lutron Sivoia QED™ system, and an advanced beam splitter technology that produces bright video images and an unprecedented level of high mirror reflectivity.

At the touch of a button on the remote control, a Lutron Sivoia QED system silently (<44 dB) and quickly raises a special blackout curtain into the top of the designer frame magically revealing a flat panel TV with clear images and vibrant color. The illusion of the TV image appearing through the mirror from the bottom to the top is dramatic. In the off mode, the blackout curtain is lowered between the mirror and the flat panel to dramatically increase the apparent reflectivity of the mirror while completely concealing the hidden flat panel TV from view under any light conditions. Blacking out or masking the TV behind the beam splitter is not critical.

"It is always a dramatic illusion when the Mirage -Mirror raises its 'magic' curtain behind the screen to reveal the TV from the bottom to the top," said Jonathan Graham, president of Media Decor. "But, it is not only an impressive event for viewers and guests each time they power it up, it's also an ideal solution for decorators and video enthusiasts."

Always a showstopper, visitors to CEDIA's booth #884 can switch between mirror mode and video mode to see the "magic curtain" illusion first hand. The high fidelity video image is made possible by Media Decor's unique patent pending beam -splitter technology. Only a portion of light is reflected from the beam splitter while the rest is transmitted through it unaffected. The proprietary glass (beam -splitter) provides the best combination of reflectance and transmission for viewing the TV through the glass while 'on' and acting as a mirror when the TV is 'off'. Unlike other glass, there is no tinting or 'sunglasses effect'.

While the mirrors can be used as designer accents and to make any room appear larger, they are 'decorator' mirrors and not of cosmetic mirror quality because unlike typical two -way mirrors or 'half -silvered' mirrors, the Mirage -Mirror glass is coated with a dielectric film, not a metallic film. Since metallic films absorb light, those mirrors are not well suited for video transmission. This dielectric coating is typically about five times as efficient as metallic coatings in its light transmission ability enabling clear images and vibrant color. All of the Mirage -Mirror products are custom made by one of the leading optical coating companies in the world.

The extensive Mirage -Mirror catalog of mirror frames includes many styles of painted wood, gold leaf inlay, and magnificent hand -carved and custom offerings from today's most well -know artistic houses such as Larson Juhl and Roma. Upon request, Media Decor will also create completely new and unique frames to fit any interior mode, or integrate a Mirage -Mirror into an existing frame.

Availability, Sizes and Pricing
Mirage -Mirror is available now in recess or wall -mounted models. Mirage -Mirror accommodates plasma or LCD TVs up to 65 -inches. Wall -mount versions include Vent -Assist, a thermo switch controlled ventilation system. Prices for the Mirage -Mirror products start at $4700.00.

About Media Decor, LLC
Florida -based Media Decor, LLC was founded in 2003 to fill the growing demand for elegant designer -level solutions for today's home entertainment installations. Its team of expert and inspired technicians, interior designers and structural craftsmen collaborate to create and deliver the world's most compelling, beautiful and customized entertainment environments. For more information on Media Decor and its service and product offerings please visit

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